A Review Of The Movie: The Usual Suspects

I do not feel I am overstating my case when I say that The Usual
Suspects is a cinematic masterpiece. It is the amazing combination of an
intriguing plot, colorful characters, and superb cinematography that make
this easily one of the most memorable movies in recent memory. But
regardless of whether you find the entertainment value of the flick to be
as high as I personally did, you cannot help but appreciate the way these
three factors intertwine to produce an ending that is exciting, unexpected,
and rather perplexing. For it is the way the writer and director navigate
these fascinating characters, and us viewers, through this crazy plot line,
only to end at a point far different from ...

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tones. Keaton addresses the man as "Keyser" and then asks what
time it is. After a quick check of his gold watch and the light of his
cigarette, the dark one lifts up his gun and fires. Dropping his cigarette
in a line of gas, the boat explodes seconds later as the camera focuses in
on a stack of barrels and ropes.
What this first scene does is provide the viewer with one big
question: what just happened? As the movie progresses the set-up of the
scene slowly plays out in front of us in logical order. But there remains
one major detail left out, who exactly is this dark man, whom we come to
know as Keyser Sozé? This character, easily one of the classics of all
time, remains a conundrum until the very end scene, in which not only his
identity, but also a more complete version of the story is revealed in
another classic cinematic moment, the final montage.
Where McQuarrie and Singer are so successful is how they lead the
viewer into contemplating one of two theories, only to ...

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a second. When Verbal Kint, a weak defenseless cripple, goes to see
him, he roughs him up a bit. Yet, in just a few scenes another
contradiction is seen, as Keaton expresses remorse at having to jump town
without being able to say goodbye to Edie. But it is not very long before
Agent Kujan clears things up a bit. By quickly running through Keaton's
history, the indictments, the cover-ups, the prison time, the faked death,
the lost witnesses, his image is brought back into that shady realm.
Shortly thereafter, a quick almost inaudible exchange between Keaton and
Redfoot again reinforces his less than honorable ways, as Keaton lets
Redfoot know he took out one of his friends, for ...

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