Aids Is Becoming So Widespread

The disease called aids is becoming very widespread in the United States. The
question is why. In the following paragraphs the answers to this question will be answered.
Aids is the final, life-threatening stage of infection with human immuondeficiency
virus (HIV). Aids stands for Acquired immunodeficiency virus syndrome. The name refers to
the fact that HIV severely damages the patient's disease fighting immune system. Cases of
AIDS were first identified in 1981 in the United States, but researchers have traced cases to as
early as 1959.
HIV can be present in the body for two to twelve or more years without
producing any notifying sign of illness. An infected person can ...

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in France identified another closely related virus
that produces AIDS. This such virus became known as HIV-2 and occurs mainly just in Africa.
The virus,HIV-1 is spread throughout the world . HIV
infects certain white blood cells, including T-helper cells and macrophages, that play key roles in
the functioning of the human immune system. The virus attaches to certain molecules found only
on the surface of cells. When an AIDS virus enters one of these cells, the virus inserts its genes
into the cell's reproductive system and uses to produce more HIV. The infection kills the CD-4
cell and spreads the AIDS viruses other CD-4 cells , where the process is repeated.
The number one reason why aids is becoming so widespread is through sexual
intercourse. The disease gets passed on from one person to another by having unprotected sex
with someone who is HIV positive or already has the disease AIDS. In the United States,
sexual transmission of HIV or AIDS has occurred ...

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