Origins And Bibliography Of The Big Bang Theory

ORIGINS: Background & Bibliography
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Assembled for the
PHILOsophy Conference of:
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by T.A. Hare Nov. 13, 1985

Topic: Areas of interaction between philosophy, science, and˙religion.
Part I - Big Bang (Astronomy)
Part II - Unified Field (Particle Physics)
Part III - Evolution (Biology).
Part IV - Theologic interaction
- - - -

Part II - Unified Field Theory of Particle Physics:
And God said, ...

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DISCOVER, April 1983,
pp 18-25.

4. Lawrence R. Sulak, "Waiting for the Proton to Decay", AMERICAN
SCIENTIST, 70, 616-625, 1982.

5. Mary K. Gaillard, "Toward a Unified Picture of Elementary Particle
Interactions", AMERICAN SCIENTIST 70, 506-514.

- - - - The following background articles
were downloaded from American Adacemic Encyclopedia via Dow Jones News
Retrevial Service; Nov 12, 1985


Classical attempts at devising a unified field theory, principally those
of Einstein, were concerned with the combination of gravitation (the
general theory of RELATIVITY) and electromagnetism into the same
theoretical framework. Electromagnetism is described by MAXWELL'S EQUATIONS
for an antisymmetric tensor, whereas Einstein's theory of gravitation
centers about a symmetric metric tensor; Einstein's idea was to combine
both descriptions into a single, nonsymmetric tensor, thereby treating both
subjects ...

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while the other
three, identified with the quanta that transmit the weak interaction, are
estimated to be quite heavy. Their rest-mass energies are on the order of
50 to 100 times the mass of the proton, and their observation should become
possible with the next generation of high-energy accelerators. So far, the
Weinberg-Salam theory has passed every unambiguous test to which it has
been subjected. Weinberg and Salam shared the 1979 Nobel Prize for physics
for their model.

Many other unified theories, involving strong interaction and even
gravitation, have recently been proposed. Such grand unification schemes to
date have unavoidable and questionable consequences, such as the ...

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