Scandinavian Mythology

The beginning of goes back before the
Vikings, during the Scandinavian Bronze Age, which lasted from 1600 - 450
BC. Some of the mythology remains today. The stories recorded from this
mythology are taken from the work of Christian writers and poets. I will
begin by telling the story of the creation of the world, according to Norse
The Creation- In the beginning there was no earth or heaven, no
sand nor see nor cooling waves. There was only Ginnungagap, a great void.
In the north there was an icy world, while in the south, a fiery realm. The
northern part of Ginnungagap became filled with the ice and. When that ice
formed and was firm, a drizzling rain arose from the ...

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continued to thaw another form was
created. This form became a cow called Audhumbla. From her teats flowed
four rivers of milk and it was upon this that Ymir was
fed. While he fed, Ymir slept, and while he slept a male and female frost
giant grew from his armpits and one leg fathered a six headed troll with
the other leg.
Audhumbla lived by licking the ice-blocks that were salty, and by
the evening of the first day there appeared a man's hair where she licked.
On the second day, a man's head appeared, and by the third day the whole
man was freed from the ice. This man was called Buri. He had a son name Bor
who married Bestla, who was the daughter of the giant Bolthum. Bor and
Bestla had three sons, Odin, Vili, andVe.
There was great strife between the offspring of Ymir and the
children of Bor and Bestla. Odin led his brothers against Ymir and they
killed him. Ever since that time there has been hatred and enmity between
the gods and the giants.
Odin and ...

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and they were called Ask and Embla. Midgard was given to them
to inhabit.
Now that the earth was made and had been filled with all manners of
beings the gods created a home for themselves. The gods then built for
themselves a stronghold in the middle of the world and it is known as
Asgard. They built a bridge to connect Asgard and Midgard, and this bridge
is Bifrost. Asgard is sheltered by the great world tree, Yggdrasil, which
touches upon all of the worlds.
Yggdrasil- the world tree, the ash tree that connects all of the
Nine Worlds of Norse mythology. The tree survives the torment of Nithog
nibbling at its roots and of stags and goats tearing leaves and bark from
the ...

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