The Solar System

is a family of objects, which orbit the sun. They were born 4.6 billion years ago. The most important are the 9 planets, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Mercury is the closest to the sun and Pluto is the farthest. also includes the stars and the moon.
The Heliocentric model was created in 1543 and it shows how functions. In the model the stars and the sun are stationary they don’t move. The planets including earth move in circles around the sun in an eastward motion. It takes a year for the earth to make a complete circle around the sun. The moon moves in eastward circles around the earth. The moon revolves around the earth once every 27.3 ...

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orbits the sun ever 365.25 days. The average surface temperature is 15 degrees. The distance from the sun is 150million km (93 million miles). The sun is 150million km (93 million miles) away from earth. It is 1.4million km (864,000 miles) in diameter. Its surface temperature is 5,800 degrees Celsius (10,472 degrees Fahrenheit).
As the earth rotates on its axis the sun can only shine at one side at a time. When the earth spins around one side receives the light of day and the other is darkness of night. The earth turns in a counter-clockwise direction. As the earth rotates the sun rises in the east. The suns motion is east to west. This is how we get night and day.
As the sun’s light and heat falls on the earth, it spreads out more at the poles. The polar areas are more cooler that the area of the equator. The earth’s axis is tilted so when the sun is high in the sky its heat is concentrated towards the ground that’s how we get summer. Six months later when the planet is ...

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