Unidentified Flying Objects: Fact Or Fiction?

Unidentified flying objects, or UFOs, as they're fondly called, are
one of the century's most intriguing and controversial mysteries. Since
ancient times, UFOs of all types have been accounted for. More today than
ever, hundreds of thinkers, theologians, and scientists have tried to
answer why there are or whether there aren't UFOs. According to some, the
speculation that UFOs are alien spacecrafts from another world is an
absurd and foolish proposal. Others vehemently disagree and assert that
extraterrestrial life is not only possible, but such life forms may be
superior, technologically advanced beings who visit our Earth regularly.
Are these "flying saucers" a figment of our ...

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of thought. The first states that aliens bred
with our primitive forebears thereby creating modern man. The second is
quite similar. Aliens performed genetic engineering on apes thereby
creating the Homo Sapiens and man's intelligence. The third, and least
accepted, is that colonists from another galaxy came to Earth, mated with
the primitives and established a high level of culture, before being
destroyed by some natural catastrophe. And upon this catastrophe and
destruction, we build and grow (Fitzgerald 1). Berossus, a Babylonian
scholar, may have been the first astronaut historian. He said that "
animals endowed with reason" bestowed the Sumerian culture before 3000
BCE. The Sumerians, along with their cultural inheritors, the Babylonians,
never referred to such beings as gods. Rather they were depicted as
"disgusting abominations," adescription only deserved by uninvited alien
visitors (2).
One step further takes the astronaut theory and surmises that with it,
we ...

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is full of UFO accounts, depicted by various
descriptions: angels, the revelation on Mt. Sinai, the burning bush, and
Elijah's levitation to heaven. Jessup says the Bible is a physical record,
not a collection of divine revelation "although the miracles of this and
all religions invite rational and physical explanation, if we grant the
'existence of spatial intelligence (13).'" Another thinker, Brinsley
Trent, follows the theme of extraterrestrial interpretations of the Bible
and claims that the Garden of Eden was, as many ancient texts point out,
not the underground, but in the Underworld - i.e. outside the orbit of
earth, meaning Mars. When the Great Flood occurred, Noah built a ...

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