What Is A Witch?

"I'll get you my pretty, and your little dog too!” The Wicked Witch of the
West... One of the most notorious and stereotypical witches in all literature.
She had green skin, a big wart- covered nose, and a wide-brimmed black hat. She
summoned a legion of monsters, stirred evil brews in her black cauldron, and
generally made life difficult for the fun-loving citizens of Oz. She, and her
fellow “hags” tend to be seen in a rather comic light, despite their appearance,
and are usually seen around Halloween. They are one of the two ideas that most
people hold of who witches are and what they do. The other is that of the “
devil's whore” of Medieval Europe and Colonial Salem who were ...

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reverence of Deity. Wicca is no
exception. The Wicca acknowledge a supreme divine power, unknowable, ultimate,
from which the entire universe sprang,” (Cunningham, 9). This is a Witch's
concept of the Divine. However, it is a distant, powerful image that is not
easily understood. For the purpose of worship, the Wicca recognize the duality
of this power. It is both male and female, good and evil, and therefore is
worshipped in the form of a Goddess and a God. These are the primeval gods of
the ancient world, worshipped under names in many cultures: Odin, Freya, Ra,
Ma'at, Zeus, Diana, Apollo, Kali, Shiva, Pele, and countless others. Wiccans
believe that these are all, in reality, simply individual aspects of one God
and one Goddess, rather than individual Deities. Just as there are numerous
names for the Divine, so do Wiccans worship them in just as many ways.
There are many different branches, called “traditions”, of The Craft,
most of which are based on the religious ...

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