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Infant Immortality

Infant Mortality in the United States Trends in infant mortality are considered to be a barometer of technology and an accurate indicator of the health of a society. Despite technological excellence and numerous social programs offered throughout the country, the infant mortality rate (IMR) ...

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Thermoregulation Essay

Thermoregulation is the ability of an organism to keep its body temperature within certain boundaries, even when the surrounding temperature is very different. This process is one aspect of homeostasis: a dynamic state of stability between an animal's internal environment and its external ...

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Air Pollution 2

Air, is the most essential element for all living organisms and yet, most humans play a big role on polluting this essential resource. Air pollution may not be as dangerous in its direct outcome as nuclear or water pollution can be, but in the long term it will have an tremendous effect on the ...

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Compressed Gas: Helium

Helium was discovered by a French astronomer named Pierre-Julius-Cesar Janssen. The French astronomer got evidence for the element during solar eclipse in 1868. He detected new lines in the solar spectrum. Later in 1895 Sir William Ramsay discovered it in clevite, a uranium mineral. Although ...

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Suicide In Las Vega

Hell is expensive. This is my first thought as my plane lands in Las Vegas. The Luxor hotel's glass pyramid seems dangerously close to the runway's edge, as do its chocolate-and-gold sphinx and rows of shaved palms. I wonder if these rooms tremble when jets land. Behind the Luxor are mountains ...

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The Tone of My Papa's Waltz

My Papa's Waltz, one of Theodore Roethke's poems, has sparked off an intense debate on the tone and theme of it. It is an account of a relationship between son and father. Some claim that this poem suggests an abusive environment while the idea that it is an appreciative account of the love and ...

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Arguments Against Hangings

Arguments Against Hangings In today's society we see that crime is very alive and prevalent all around us. Crime is an integral part of the risks we face in our everyday life, which can take the form of many different attributes and factors. There are a number of different types of crimes which ...

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