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The Existence Of God

God does exist. He exists mentally and emotionally. Gods existence has been proven by many philosophers. All of their theories seem, some how, to end in Gods existence. There are arguments that can be brought up against each theory on how that theory does not totally prove Gods existence, ...

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Descartes' Meditations

Descartes overall objective in the Meditations is to question knowledge. To explore such metaphysical issues as the existence of God and the separation of mind and body, it was important for him to distinguish what we can know as truth. He believed that reason as opposed to experience was the ...

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Sarte's "The Wall": Themes

The Wall by Sarte, manifest several complex existential themes such as self-deception and meaninglessness, through the first-person perspective of the main character's, Pablo Ibbieta, confrontation with death. Pablo Ibbieta is portrayed as a common POW who is forced into a situation where he not ...

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Many people today, including scientists and doctors, are questioning the suffering and killing of animals for the sake of human beings. Is it morally correct to dissect a frog or a worm for the purpose of educating a high school student? On the other hand, must "We study life to protect life" ...

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Descarte 2

How can we know if we are a brain in a vat? Can we be sure that we are not the playthings of evil demons? These questions have been discussed by many philosophers in the past and still we do not have a proof that we are not some demon’s plaything. Yet, at least two prominent philosophers, René ...

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Introduction Philosophy must be one of the most aggravating, inconclusive, drawn-out sciences known to mankind. So many questions and opinions; nothing is known for certain because everything is questioned constantly. Writing an essay, let alone picking a belief is extremely difficult because ...

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