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Optical Fiber the Backbone of Telecommunication

Introduction: About 100 years ago, Alexander Graham Bell transmitted a telephone signal over distances of several hundred meters using visible light beams. He called this “photophone”. This amazing discovery marked the first demonstration of the basic principle of optical communications as it ...

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Basic Physics Corrective Sight ERT

Physics ERT The aim or this pater is to provide an overview on the concepts of light and optics as applied to the field of sight correction. The paper will introduce the theories involved and how the application of these theories has advanced over time. ‘According to the Vision Council of ...

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"A friend of mine once said that the trouble with being an architect is that everyone is an architect; everyone knows what's good and what's bad. I seem to remember the same story told by an economist. In physics we don't have that problem" (Sobel ix). Fiber optic technology has been inevitable ...

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Fiber Optics

Fiber Optic Cable Facts "A relatively new technology with vast potential importance, is the channeled transmission of light through hair-thin glass fibers." [ Less expensive than copper cables [ Raw material is silica sand [ Less expensive to maintain If damaged, restoration time is faster ...

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A star is a large ball of hot gas, thousands to millions of kilometers in diameter, emitting large amounts of radiant energy from nuclear reactions in its interior. differ fundamentally from planets in that they are self-luminous, whereas planets shine by reflected sunlight. Except for the SUN, ...

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One of the most fascinating things occurring in nature, is the formation of a rainbow. Everyone, at one time or another has seen a rainbow, and without a doubt, has wondered why these beautiful things are not seen all the time? This is exactly what will be explained in this paper. A rainbow, simply ...

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is what we see. It can be thought of either as a particle, (the photon), or as a wave. The photon we can easily think of as a small dot travelling through space at the speed of . Each photon has a particular colour or energy. But how do we think of as a wave? For this we need to know that is ...

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William Gregor discovered unknowingly in 1791. When he discovered it, he was analyzing a certain hard, black, sandy material he found in his neighborhood. At the time he had no clue that what he had found was going to be named . Allen Hunter did not make the pure metal until 1910, by heating ...

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