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Global Warming In India

GLOBAL WARMING Global warming is the ‘talk of the town’ in this century, with its detrimental effects already being brought to limelight by the recurring events of massive floods, annihilating droughts and ravaging cyclones throughout the globe. The average global temperatures are higher than ...

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Harappan Civilization

3.1 ORIGIN AND EXTENT The archaeological remains show that before the emergence of Harappan civilization the people lived in small villages. As the time passed, there was the emergence of small towns which ultimately led to full-fledged towns during the Harappan period. The whole period of ...

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Diwali - The Festival of India

Aditi Parekh ENG 101 9:30 Seema Kurup October 13, 2011 Diwali - The Festival of India India is a country of festivals. People, in India, celebrate festivals from all religions such as Hindu, Muslim, Christian, and Sikh. Therefore, it is like there is at least one festival to celebrate ...

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Maqbool Fida Husain

Maqbool Fida Husain Gouri R. 'To my mind the most interesting thing in art is the personality of the artist; and if that is singular, I am willing to excuse a thousand faults,' says Somerset Maugham in The Moon and Sixpence. What do you think of the artist who completes an elaborate ...

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Architecture In India

During the twentieth century, the United States witnessed the carving of one of the greatest architectural phenomenon of the time, namely Mount Rushmore. It is here that workers painstakingly chiseled the faces of three presidents into the granite mountainside in the Black Hills of South Dakota. ...

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The Role of Poverty in Environmental Degradation

Running head: Poverty and Environmental Degradation The Role of Poverty in Environmental Degradation. Culture & Development James Nash Introduction As of 1989, of the world's 5.6 billion people, about 1.4 billion live in ...

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Exodus Settlement

Topic: Problematize the Exodus-liberation-settlement motif from the Adivasi perspective Presenters: Kyrshanborlang Mawlong Introduction: In this paper we are trying to discussion the difficulties that the Israelites faced during staying in Egypt and how God response to their crying by ...

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India 2

India, officially republic of India is a country in Southern Asia, which consists entirely of the Indian Peninsula and parts of the Asian mainland. On the north, one can find Afghanistan, China, Nepal, and Bhutan; on the east, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and the Bay of Bengal; on the south, by Palk ...

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Suo Motu Disclosures By Public Authority

Section 4- Suo motu Disclosures by Public Authorities and Mechanisms to Implement the Same. The fundamental ideas of democracy and justice enshrined in the preamble of both the Indian Constitution and the Right to Information Act 2005(RTI Act), find their quintessence in the Section 4 of the RTI ...

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