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Coral Reefs 3

Coral reefs are one of the oldest types of living systems on earth, and certainly one of the most spectacular. They are massive underwater structures formed by the limestone skeletons of tiny invertebrate animals. Reefs house a greater diversity of body forms, chemistry, and animal phyla ...

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Geographical Information: The independent republic of consists of the western third of the island of Hispaniola, the second largest island in the Caribbean. shares the island with the Dominican Republic. Covering a total area of 10,714 square miles, Haiti has a northern and southern peninsula ...

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Plant Evolution

A long 3000 million years ago the earth was not suitable for life as the atmosphere contained little to no oxygen and without this, deadly ultra violet rays from the sun bombarded the unprotected surface. This lead to life beginning in the ocean where it was safe from the sun's rays. It was here ...

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History The first people to live in were called Aborigines. They migrated there about 40,000 years ago. The continent remained relatively unknown by outsiders until the 17th century. The first Europeans to settle were British convicts in 1788. They arrived at Botany Bay in ...

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Although only a dozen plant families are unique to , there are 530 unique genera and many unique species within these genera. As the n fragment of prehistoric Gondwanaland drifted north, its ancient flora became the basis for the present plant systems. Increasing aridity modified this vegetation, ...

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An estuary is a coastal area where fresh water from rivers and streams mixes with salt water from the ocean. Many bays, sounds, and lagoons along coasts are . Portions of rivers and streams connected to are also considered part of the estuary. The land area from which fresh water drains into ...

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The Secret River

Following The Idea of Perfection was always going to be a tough call. Five years on from her Orange Prize-winning bestseller about middle-aged love in the Outback, Kate Grenville has turned to something quite different: historical fiction and a story about convict settlement. This is a narrative ...

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Global Warming In India

GLOBAL WARMING Global warming is the ‘talk of the town’ in this century, with its detrimental effects already being brought to limelight by the recurring events of massive floods, annihilating droughts and ravaging cyclones throughout the globe. The average global temperatures are higher than ...

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The Wood Stork

Wood Stork Mycteria Americana Fig. 1: Wood Stork. N.d. National Geographic. Web. 02 Apr. 2016. Mary Scannell BIO 4403 01: Natural History of Vertebrates Dr. Maurice ...

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