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Nanotechnology Patricio Peña Medina June 14, 2013 Composition II Professor M. Putman Research Paper It's the biggest technology ...

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Can Machines Think On Alan Turing’s Computer Machinery And I

The imitation of intelligence in isolation from other human attributes seems to be the main point in Alan Turing’s Computer Machinery and Intelligence where he considers the question “Can machines think?” Using his “imitation game” I agree that Turing successfully addresses both this question and ...

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Nanotechnology: Immortality Or Total Annihilation?

? Technology has evolved from ideals once seen as unbelievable to common everyday instruments. Computers that used to occupy an entire room are now the size of notebooks. The human race has always pushed for technological advances working at the most efficient level, perhaps, the molecular level. ...

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Quantum Computing

Quantum mechanics will be our most powerful tool in the world of tomorrow. For those of you that did not know this, quantum mechanics is a physics system or theory using the assumption that energy exists in discrete units. It is probably no exaggeration to say that quantum mechanics is the most ...

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The Life Of Richard Feynman

Richard Feynman was a physicist who was born in Far Rockaway, near New York City, in 1918. He lived there until he left to attend university at the Michigan Institute of Technology. He studied there for four years, and then went to Princeton University where he finished his studies. After that, he ...

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End of the World Scenarios

End of the World Scenarios There are countless scenarios regarding the end of the world. Every religion and culture have at least one main theory that describes in detail how the end of time will occur. There are numerous books, articles and web sites that predict the approaching signs that ...

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