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My Personal Search For A Meaningful Existence

I am the representative embodiment of my nihilistic culture. I am narcissistic, insatiable, petty, apathetic and I am above all an emotional invalid. Yet, up until very recently, I was not consciously aware that I was guilty of having any of these wholly pejorative attributes, because I ...

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The Effects Of Contextualization On Learning Vocabulary

Abstract Building a large vocabulary is essential when learning to read in a second language. Simply put, people with large vocabularies are more proficient readers than those with limited vocabularies. I would like to find out the effect of contextualization on learning vocabulary. Our ...

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Determinism In Quicksand

During the Harlem Renaissance, many literary works concentrated on celebrating African American heritage. However, many other writers also began concentrating on the darker theme of naturalism. Nella Larsenís Quicksand illustrates many elements of this movement. These include a biological ...

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Human Nature

Is there such thing as ? In my opinion, we as human beings, create our own nature. The Traditional Greek and Christian philosophers do not accept this view, known as existentialism. Darwin and feminists, along with the existentialists, have disregarded the views of the Greek and Christians and ...

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Theodore Roosevelt

To say that was a complex personality would be to put things mildly. He was one of the greatest American heroes of the nineteenth century. The man said and did a lot of things, but more importantly he helped build America into the great superpower it is today. Roosevelt accomplished what few ...

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Religion In Our Lives

Religion seems to find its way into almost every aspect of our lives. In the United States, the political mainstream describes a "separation of church and state," in order to separate this profound force of religion from the public lives of its citizens. Thus, the freedom to worship any religion ...

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