A Review Of Lord Of The Flies

About the author
Sir William Golding (1911-1993), was an English novelist who wrote exciting
adventure stories who deal with the conflict between mind and instinct.
William Gerald Golding was born in St. Columb Minor, in Cornwall. He was
knighted in 1988. His novels are moral fables that reveal how dangerous and
destructive human brings may be unless they are restrained by conscience.
Golding won the 1983 Nobel Prize for literature. His most famous book,
"Lord of the flies" tells of a group of boys stranded on an island. The
Inheritors is set in prehistoric times. The Napoleonic era of the early
1800's forms the setting of the sea-adventure trilogy consisting of Rites
of Passage, Close ...

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the island are something that the author uses as an image of the world war
2, were Jack symbols Adolf Hitler, a dictator. Ralph and Piggy symbols the
judes - the hunted ones.

The Plot

A group of boys has been dropped on a tropical island somewhere in the
Pacific Ocean, their plane having been shot down. A nuclear war has taken
place; civilisation has been destroyed.

Ralph, a strong and likeable blond, delights in the fact that there are "no
grownups" around to supervise them. The boys have the entire island to
themselves. Piggy, who is fat, asthmatic, and nearly blind without his
glasses, trails behind as Ralph explores the island. When they find a

white conch shell, Piggy encourages Ralph to blow on it. Ralph blows the
conch and the other boys appear. Among them is Jack Merridew, marching the
boys' choir, military style, in the blazing sun. There are also the twins,
Sam and Eric. Simon, short and skinny with black hair, joins the group.
Many other boys who are never ...

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pretending to be the pig. Again the fear of the
beast is mentioned, and the littlest boys cry about their nightmares while
the big ones fight about the existence of the beast. Simon says that
perhaps the beast is "only us," but the others laugh him down. They all get
scared when the twins, Sam and Eric, see something that does indeed look
like the beast. Jack and Ralph lead an exploration and come back, convinced
there is a beast. Jack decides he no longer wants to be part of Ralph's
tribe. He leaves, inviting the other boys to follow him.

In spite of their growing terror, Jack leads the hunters into the jungle
for the slaying of another pig. He places its head on a stake, much like ...

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