Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)

CFCs are a family of man-made gases used for various industrial
purposes. First developed in the 1920's in the United States, CFCs have
been used in large quantaties since 1950. The industrialized countries can
account for over 80% of CFCs use. CFC-11 is used primarily as a propellant
in aerosol cans, although its use has been phased out it is still used in
the production of plastic foams. CFC-12 is used in foam production as well
as cooling coals of refrigerators and air conditioners. HCFC-22 was
recently introduced as a replacement for CFC-12 because of its shorter life
in the atmosphere, and thus is less of an ozone depleting drug. CFC-113,
methyl chloroform, and carbon ...

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ozone - itself a greenhouse gas - their net
effect on climate is unclear. The strength of the indirect effect of ozone
depletion depends on variables such as temperature of the upper atmosphere
and cannot yet be measured with any confidence. According to new research,
however, it is possible that the indirect effect of CFCs cancels out some
or all of the direct effect of their being powerful greenhouse gases.
CFCs are generally colorless, odorless, and non-toxic. They also
do not react chemically with other materials, and as a result they remain
in the atmosphere for a very long time -- often 50 to 100 years -- before
they are destroyed by reactions catalyzed by the sunlight. CFCs are
composed of carbon, chlorine, and fluorine. Together with other
manufactured gases that contain either fluorine or chlorine, and with
bromine-containg Halons, CFC's are referred to collectively as halogenated
compounds, or halocarbons.
There is an often significant lag time between the ...

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