The Beginning Of Time

There was a period in history when the beginning of the world in which
we live in was a expressed through legends and myths, now, through the use of
increasingly advanced scientific equipment we can see that the universe is more
vast and complex than ever imaginable. The purpose of this paper is to bring
light to some of the modern beliefs regarding the origin of the universe by
answering a series of questions. What are the commonly excepted theories of the
evolution of the universe? What is meant by the "Big Bang Theory" and how does
it work? And how our planet and solar system developed from The Big Bang? This
paper will use scientific data to base the evolution of our universe ...

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other, this meant that the universe was expanding. Hubble found
the movement of the galaxies by using a phenomenon known as the Doppler effect.
This effect caused bodies moving away from an observer to have a "red-shifted"
spectrum (the light spectrum of the body had been shifted closer to red) and
bodies moving towards an observer to be "blue-shifted" (Hawking, 1988)
The expansion was traced backwards through time to discover that all the
galaxies had originated from the same point. It was later believed that all
matter spawn from that "center of the universe" discovered by Hubble, by means
of some sort of enigmatic portal. Matter would collect outside this singularity
and form every moon, planet, and star known today.
The Steady State Theory was very attractive because it featured a
universe with no beginning or end. The theory meant that scientist had to
abandon the laws of conservations of mass and energy. It seemed plausible that
the aforementioned laws of physics could ...

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protons and neutrons. The protons and neutron are, in this very dense soup,
participating in sub-atomic reactions. The two most important of these
reactions are:
Antineutrino + Proton ----> Positron (anti-electron) + Neutron
Neutrino + Neutron ----> Electron + Proton In effect the protons are
becoming neutrons and vice-versa. The energies are so great that simple atoms
being formed fall apart immediately after coming together. (Silk, 1994)
As the universe expands, and loses energy the electrons and positrons
begin to collide, effectively annihilating one another, leaving only energy in
the form of photons and neutrinos. Appropriately fourteen seconds after the Big
Bang ...

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