To Kill A Mockingbird: The Theme Of Prejudice

I. Introduction: Thesis statement
II. Central Themes
A. Part one, Boo's Story
B. Part two, Tom Robinson's story

IV. Change in Children
A. What children thought at first
B. How they changed
C. Feelings after the change

V. Historical Content; background
A. time place, relevance to story
B. relation to Scottsboro trials

VII. Conclusion

In this paper I intend to explore one of the main themes of Harper
Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird, the issue of prejudice. I intend to explore
how the children change through out the novel and the novel relevance to
the time and place it was written, in other words, the historical content.

Prejudice is ...

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happen until part two, when Jem and Scout are
attacked by Bob Ewell. People were prejudiced against Boo because he is
different. The children had not seen him so they made up stories about him
(Johnson,1). They were afraid of him. They didn't realize it was Boo
leaving the gifts and wanted to be friendly. In part two the main focus
is on Tom Robinson. He is a black man accused of raping white woman.
The prejudice in this part of the novel is called racism. The opinion
formed because of the color if Tom's skin. Racism was very common in
the south at this period in American history. African Americans were
treated differently than whites. They were not allowed to use the same
water fountains, or sit next to each other on the bus or in restaurants.
The blacks had their own section of town (Johnson,1). According to
Maycomb society, there should be no mixing of the races. Aunt Alexandra
did not want Scout and Jem to go to the Negro church or to go to
Calpurnia's home. The ...

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realize how hard and ugly the world outside their home is and can be. In my
opinion they really don't have an idea of how much they really have, and
how little others do. The children, through out the novel mature and gain
knowledge, and a better understanding of things they didn't understand
before. Scout especially learns in part two about racism. She believed
Tom would be found not guilty. She doesn't believe Mayella on the witness
stand. Her father proves that Tom could not have raped Mayella yet the
jury still find him guilty (Johnson,4). The children learn about injustice
and racism. Atticus tells them that a black man's word can not be taken
against a white man's word. ...

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