Wave Particle Duality

Wave particle duality

Wave particle duality is one of the most confusing concepts in physics, because it’s so unlike anything we see in the ordinary world. Physicists who studied light in the 1700s and 1800s were having a big argument about weather light was made of particles shooting around like tiny bullets, or waves washing around like ware waves. Light seems to do both. At times, light seems to go only in a straight line, as if where made of particles. But other experiments show that light has a frequency and a wavelength, just like a sound wave or water wave. Until the 20th century, most physicists thought that light was either one or the other, and that scientists on the ...

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also know that it is particle too. There is a fair amount of study into light and the properties of light. The wave theory, which maintains that light is a wave, was proposed around the same time as Newton's theory. In 1665, Italian physicist Francesco Maria Grimaldi (1618 to 1663) discovered the phenomenon of light diffraction and pointed out that it resembles the behavior of waves. Then, in 1678, Dutch physicist Christian Huygens (1629 to 1695) established the wave theory of light and announced the Huygens ‘Principle. The term electromagnetic wave tends to bring to mind the waves emitted from cellular telephones, but electromagnetic waves are actually waves produced by electricity and magnetism. Electromagnetic waves always occur wherever electricity is flowing or radio waves are flying about. Maxwell's equations, which clearly revealed the existence of such electromagnetic waves, were announced in 1861, becoming the most fundamental law of electromagnetics. These equations are ...

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