Why Are Individuals Aggressive?

Aggression is difficult to define, it is a complex phenomenon, and depending
upon the context the term can be made to carry either positive or negative
connotations, it can be attacking behaviour that may be either self-protective
and self-assertive or to the infliction of injury toward oneself or toward
others, to the total destruction of others. Is aggression biological determined
or the product of learning and environmental influences.? This essay, will
consider instinctive theory, the frustration - aggression hypothesis, and social
learning theory. It should then be possible to draw a conclusion to see if any
or all of the theories discussed are the cause of aggression. Brain ...

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biological urge. According to
Freud this instinct, is made up of the libido (pleasure) and "Thanatos" (the
death wish) (pain). This basic instinct is present in the Id from birth, at
first the aggression is relatively uncontrolled, but with the development of the
Ego and superego it becomes channelled into socially acceptable behaviour If
these impulses are not released periodically in safe ways, they soon reach
dangerous levels capable of producing acts of violence. Sometimes it is
released in the form of physical or verbal abuse against another, (where the
anger is displaced onto another). Sometimes the aggressive impulse is turned
inward and produces self - punishment action, even suicide. The best that can
be hoped for, according to Freud, is that aggressive impulses will be
"channelled into socially acceptable forms." such as football, sport etc.
(Bernstein et al page 715). However, this theory does not explain why some
people are aggressive and others are not, ...

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( Berstein et al page 716). Further It is generally agreed
by looking at present day Eskimos, Pygmies, and Aborigines, that man is a
'hunter - gatherer'. and that there is a powerful human tendency to cooperate
which is a legacy from our ancient hunting past, when we had to co-operate or
starve. People then lived in small tribal groups, were warfare did not exists,
there were no armies, and if conflict did occur, from time to time, casualties
would be avoided or limited. Mead argues that man is "not naturally aggressive"
and points out many societies, such as the Apraesh of New Guinea where
'aggression is rare, and "peaceful coexistence and cooperation is the norm"
(Bernstein page ...

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