Why I Miss The 80's

You know, the eighties are more popular now than they were in the eighties. How the hell did that happen?

Here's a newsflash for you kids; they weren't all that great. I know because I was there. But there were a few high points mixed in amongst all the lows.

First the lows:

Let's start with popular culture during the eighties. Well, actually there really wasn't much culture, per se. Let's see if this sums it up for you: If you thought the seventies were a cultural abyss, the eighties were enough to make you want to claw out your own eyes with a garden weasel.

Then there was the hair. And I'm talking big hair on the chicks, not just on the hair-band boys. I saw women with their ...

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to me, please? Somebody, anybody...Bueller?

And was there enough freakin' eyeliner? (The sad thing is it was mostly on the guys.)

Ever smelled a bar at 4:00 am? Let me paint you a mental scratch-n-sniff picture: Imagine, if you will, the combination of sweat, desperation and cigarette smoke mixed with Polo by Ralph Lauren and you pretty much got the scene.!!!Eech!!!

And what were the girls wearing? They were wearing a lot of make-up. (Referred to in theater circles as a "full beat", if you must know.) Picture Paul Stanley in the old days (or the reunion tour, for that matter) and you pretty much got the concept. Put it to you this way: If you took a girl home with you, the next morning your pillowcase looked like the Shroud of Turin.

Perfume? That would be Obsession, Fendi and Avon...in that order.

But I still miss the eighties. You wanna know why? Simple - we were having a freakin' blast.

Let me continue to jog trot you down memory lane for a moment as we cover the ...

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"auto-tune" on vocals. If you couldn't hit the notes, you didn't get the job. And seeing a rock concert was actually fun - hell, it was practically a freakin' block party.

There was no internet at this point. Think about that for a moment - that digital wave which you surf daily and can't imagine your life without has only really been around for a few years. It's still in its infancy. So in the eighties, people actually had to meet face to face to get anything done. And no one had cell phones. (I miss that - an electronic leash gets to be a real pain in the ass after a while.)

Like I said, it was a simpler time. Probably not better, but definitely simpler.

So, why do we always ...

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