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The Beach

I was looking so hot in one of my most classiest outfits waiting on my night of fun to began. ”Hair check, nails check, look in the mirror oooo yes”. My night had just begun. On the night of my 16th birthday I was not worrying about a sweet 16 all I wanted to do was have a night of fun with my ...

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My Watch

I never leave home without my watch.If I do I feel as though I forgotten a vital piece of clothing. I remember my first watch ,it was a swatch . This watch had a yelow plastic band. I thought this was the coolest watch ever. As I grew older I wanted a seiko for as long as I can remember. Many ...

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This I Believe

I believe in the necessity of intervention throughout one’s life. By intervention, I mean the positive action of someone else on your behalf, the result of which removes you from a potentially dangerous situation. Intervention is what moves people through the different stages of their life. It ...

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Happiness is a vital element that is part of one’s life. Without it, a human being would have to go through life miserable and unsatisfied with what life has to offer. People without happiness sometimes live alone, are commonly found to be more quiet, or end up making poor decisions that ...

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The USAG Girls

Bruised, broken, and determined. These are three things that all USAG girls will have and experience while being part of their close nit community. Girls that are in this community always have their hair pulled back slicked down with some type of oil and have decorative bows, and ribbons ...

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Oh, How I Love a Good Book; Let Me Count the Ways

Amelia Miller Proff Moynahan WR 115 26, October 2010 Oh how I love a good book; let me count the ways. When I’m alone and lonely and curled up in bed, I can always depend on an old friend to tuck me into their world, completely obliterating, for a time, all memory of woe. ...

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Music Is Dying

Music these days has become a joke to a lot of people and in my opinion real hip hop is dead. Now days a lot of the music that is being put out is either talking about drugs, sex, money, or bashing woman. The problem with this is we have children who listen to this music and then go out in the ...

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High School

Though out my 4 years at Galt High School I’ve experienced many changes, feeling, attitudes, appearances, and activities. All of these experiences have changed me as a person and made me realize who I am and who I want to become. I have grown to be a mature, respectful, and responsible young lady. ...

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War Diary

It is close to morning now. I have not been able to sleep well for months now. There is no sound or movement around me. It has been this quiet for the last few days. I have seen too much blood around me. Life is very different from what I expected. We constantly have to be on guard in case the ...

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My First Love

Did you know that every day is so much more amazing Waking up right next to you feels like I'm daydreaming Never thought that I could ever love somebody the way that I love you We had our days of fighting breaking up and leaving But you'll always make it right your smile made my whole ...

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Everything in love is not all about the physical nor the emotional concept. Love itself is one big word. A word that has a wide range of meaning. People these days take love for granted. They think that love can be played around and that love is about having a good time with that one person. But ...

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Jung Typology Test

In this essay, I took a Jung typology test and got the score of having an ESTJ which means they scored me as slightly expressed extrovert, slightly expressed sensing personality, slightly expressed thinking personality, and moderately expressed judging personality. Two similar traits that I had ...

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FM Alexander's Directions

Allow the neck to be free in order for the head to go forward and up in order for the back to lengthen and widen in order for the knees to release forward and away in order for the elbows to release out and away. It’s not just a run on sentence; these are Alexander’s directions. It’s great to ...

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It always seemed whenever I would get the revenge right away from my enemies I would feel really good but as I thought about what I did, and what they did to me I would always feel guilty or wish I would have never done anything to them in return. In the bible, it is said that we should treat ...

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Who am I?

Her name is Jane. She is a petite brunette with a giant personality. One of the most adoring people you will meet. She is from the borough of Brooklyn, where she grew up and loves to be. It his her home, her whole life has gone through a series of events, some great and some tragic. But these ...

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Self-Appraisal Guidelines

Reading exercises your mind and your learn new things depending on what you read. It also helps you stay informed on things that are happening around your environment. I highlight and separate the main ideas of things that I read. At the end I summarize the article, story, or book so I wont forget ...

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Should an individual educational status determine if he or she is best qualified for a job?

Should an individual educational status determine if he or she is best qualified for a job? From the beginning of time education has been a very consequential factor in achieving any goal in life and it remains the same today. We are told from the moment we reach the age of understanding that ...

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My Life

I am in high school and wanna go to college. so I want to do something with like computers or technology. my name is Jordan and I am very strong mentally and physically. I am a hard worker and will never stop until my goal is completed. I am also very kind to other I dont just think about myself I ...

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Decision Based On Love

College Writing Decision Based on Love. Seeing a smile as big as his made it so easy to drop everything for my boyfriend. His white teeth shined with the light hitting them just perfectly. He said, “Thank you; you are the best”. Looking into my boyfriend’s eyes seeing how confident he was, ...

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Mr. Joemarie Trinidad

I used to be in those panels of the AdBoard (Advertising Board of the Philippines) screening commercials prior to airing. All of us were advertising practitioners who render our services on a pro bono basis, in the interest of self-regulation. However, the screening function has ceased to be an ...

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Dear Archbishop O’Malley, My name is Katherine Murphy and I attend Saint Patrick’s church in Stoneham, Ma. I am writing this letter to explain why I feel I should be confirmed and what I have done to prepare for conformation. One reason why I want to be confirmed is because as an infant I ...

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Child to Adult

Narrative Essay: Child to Adult The day began just like so many before it. It was wonderfully warm with beautiful rays of sunshine shining through the windows. On this day I was seventeen years old and two weeks late with the pregnancy of my son. My ankles were huge, I felt like I weighed a ...

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Valued possesion

Out of all of my possessions, the one that I value most is my 1972 Plymouth Duster. Ever since my first ride in a muscle car I always wanted one of my own. By the time I was 16, I was able to save up enough money to purchase the shell of an Orange Muscle Car. I spent all of my time after school ...

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My opinion on Cameron's Avatar movie

I recently watched James Cameron’s Avatar in 3D, and I am sad to say it seems like I am the only person who didn’t enjoy Avatar. And I knew I wouldn’t like it before I even went into the theatre. First, I am not one for science fiction. It takes a very good movie to get me involved in a sci-fi ...

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The Stranger at my window

This essay is based on a personal experience I had that changed my point of view about strangers. It made me realize that you really cannot trust anybody, especially a stranger at your window. This heart pounding experience was one that I will never forget, and one that will follow me as I travel ...

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