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In the past two weeks, we have been working on a project to do with a poem that we chose. Our group chose the poem Crabbed Age and Youth by William Shakespeare. I chose this poem from the very beginning because I had a lot of good ideas for the tableaux we could do; abstract and concrete. Later I ...

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I want to know why democracy is the best out of all. And also why democracy can have some flaws to it to.I THINK OF THINGS TO MYSELF AND THEN WHEN I HAVE YOU ON THE PHONE I NEVER SAY IT SO WHAT I WANTED TO SAY IS I MISS YOU ALOT. I MISS BEING HELD MY YOU, KISSING YOU, AND MAKING LOVE TO YOU. I ...

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We Never Go Away

There isn’t any one word that can describe my family. Support, love, togetherness, happiness, laughter…My family’s much more than that. Were together on a regular basis, we pick each other up when were down, we share stories and have fun together no matter what. Both my parent’s sides are like ...

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Ready, Set, Dance

Ready, Set, Dance!! The rush of running to get to the goal line. The breeze that hits your face after turning and making the shot. The excitement you get after jumping over the dog pile and running fifty yards for the six points. Running, turning, and jumping are involved in most sports or ...

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The People Who Keep Me Going

I been through some ups and downs in my life bad things and good things like when I was younger I was always the trouble maker in school never really go my work done never really was the smart type beside school I really never had someone to teach me to be a man my father was never there I had to ...

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Personal Narrative

Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas is big thing for my Italian family. We always have a big dinner and game time. Every new person we bring into the family we tease to show that we aren't a serious family and we loved to have fun. The first time my boyfriend came to one of my family dinners at ...

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My Philosophy

I really hate people peeping in my life without my own knowledge. I'd rather tell the whole truth myself. My philosophy is rather strange and as I might call it 'innovative'. My view in life about love is that love comes from God. I believe that to love God with all your heart, mind, and strength ...

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Travelling Abroad

Topic: Some people like to visit new and different places, while others prefer to remain in places they know. Which type of person are you? Support your response with reasons and examples. Write the outline then expand it into an essay. Travelling to international and exotic lands is a ...

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Peers In Action

Hayley Lucas Peer Partner/ Peers in Action I can truly say that becoming a peer partner has been one of my proudest decisions of high school. I got involved with Peers through my sister. While she was a peer partner I remember thinking how astounding all the students were and how much they ...

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Changing Happened in My High School

How would you feel when you think about your past? We all have memories about past. Some of them are in the form of pictures. For example when we think about some place we imagine how that place look like. Last year, I got the chance to visit the high school where I studied seven years ago. ...

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Kant y el ejercicio de la memoria

“Debe existir para los victimarios ‘un deber de recordar’, y para las víctimas ‘un derecho a olvidar’” . Las violaciones de los derechos humanos por parte de grupos rebeldes han sido objeto de varias discusiones que buscan determinar la responsabilidad de las sociedades frente a los actos ...

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When One Has Caught Evil Spirits

This quick and easy spell can be used for any recipe that can be stirred effectively. It is to be used when a person feels under the weather and needs no particular ingredients, although I do recommend adding a touch of something citrus (i.e. lemon, lime, orange, etc.). So, all you'll need is a ...

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In My Opinion - 2011 Earthquakes (as of March 2011)

Recently, two earthquakes have struck Sendai, Japan and Christchurch, New Zealand. Many people are saying that Japan got hit much harder than New Zealand, and it literally did, with the fifth strongest quake ever. But does that necessarily mean they had it worse than Christchurch? Christchurch ...

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Negatives In Class

Well personally I feel that we are in a negative environment because at this school teachers think that everyone should be all happy go lucky with everyone. I understand that one of the goals in this school is to make us like a family for each other, but personally I don’t think that they should ...

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Marriage Proposal

Personal Narrative- Marriage Proposal As most American girls, I have grown up dreaming of my wedding day. I pictured myself in a stunning, white gown, standing next to someone who resembled Ken, the male Barbie. I would vision a crowd of friends and family that were there to see me enter into a ...

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Shopping Is The Best Pastime

Shopping is the best pastime. For most people shopping is a great therapy to change your mood. This activity makes you feel better in many ways. If you are depressed, stressed or just have an extra time a good option for you is to go to the mall and buy all you need. Walking between shops and ...

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A Great Accomplishment

Katelyn Martinez Mrs. Peluso English 3: Period 4 December 10, 2010 A Great Accomplishment Achievement: something accomplished, especially by superior ability, special effort, great courage. Something I consider one of my greatest accomplishments in my young adult life is attaining my ...

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About me

Hi my name is Michelle Braddy. I'm 19 years old. I was born on March 10, 1992 and I was born to Shirley and Archie Braddy. I have 7 brothers and 5 sisters. I am an 2nd second freshman at Benedict College and my major is Criminal Justice. I love to do math and reading is my weakest subject but I ...

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Why I Miss The 80's

You know, the eighties are more popular now than they were in the eighties. How the hell did that happen? Here's a newsflash for you kids; they weren't all that great. I know because I was there. But there were a few high points mixed in amongst all the lows. First the lows: Let's start ...

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Vision for Gen-Next

Well! I am too fond of day dreaming. Now don't mistake this to be just another dream by a chocolate girl. This dream has no lover involved, not a thriller and ofcourse not a sob story. Now I feel its even wrong to call it a dream. It s my vision for the generation Next. As the Reliance punch ...

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A Perfect Day

The definition of a “perfect day” could vary greatly among many different kinds of people, so for my own personal definition of a perfect day, I could not begin to define it with just a few words. A single word such as “fun” or “exciting” simply could not come close to giving anyone a vision or ...

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My Room, My Domain

My Room, My Domain by D. Hayes Everyone seems to have their one secret place to get away or go and hide from the problems of the world. A place that is just your own, where imagination is limitless and dreams can entertain all possibilities ever imaginable. For some it’s a home away from ...

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Journal Entry One I was born into a rather large and complex family. My family consists of my mother and father, two older brothers, and three older sisters. That made me the baby of the family. When I was younger I also had two nephews that were slightly older than i was. My parents are ...

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Cloudy & 75

Cloudy and 75° Big Hickory Pointe on Bonita Beach is my absolute favorite place to be, most of all because it is convenient. I am fortunate enough to be able to live on one of the most beautiful beaches, at least according to me. The beach is my backyard; it is a place where I can relax. I've ...

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Family Tradition

I decided to talk to my mom about traditions he grew up with. She told me that her family did not have real traditions but she did have one that she still keeps up with to this day. She celebrated St. Patrick's Day with her family and had a big dinner with corn beef and cabbage. She told me they ...

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