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Concrete Jungle

I am a New Yorker, born and bred and I love that fact even though it can be a blessing as well a curse. A blessing because I come from one of the most famous, prolific and diverse cities on the planet and a curse because it is hard to fight the feeling of missing this city I call home. Today is ...

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Trip Across Canada

William’s Lake gold panning takes place at Caribou Chilicotin Jetboat Adventures/Wild River Adventures. Gold panning actually turned out to be quite fun. It’s really easy to do too. Once you get a suitable deposit, you scoop some of it into a pan, where you then place it into water. The materials ...

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Personal Essay: The Importance of Love

The Importance of Love My life is no different than a carousel filled with unexpected individuals. The people that I regard as friends abandon me in time of need; instead, my foes assist me in times of emergency. Blood relatives of mine do not welcome me with open arms; people whom I am not ...

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Worst Day Ever

Kim Johnsan ENGL1010-4d 4/14/11 The Worst Day Ever The worst day ever was on the fourth of July. I usually consider that day to be very exciting; it’s exciting because of all of the festivities that are taken place that day. It also happens to be my birthday. Well this year it turned out ...

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Is Cheating Wrong?

"I would prefer to fail with honor than to win by cheating," Sophocles. i agree 100% with Sophocles philosophy. Cheating can't be good in any way, shape or form. Lets say you cheat on a test, you wont deserve the grade you get! Celebrities cheat all the time, most singers lip sync when performing ...

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Paintball is a stinger!

Paintball is a stinger! Have you ever been shot by a paintball? Joshua, my son, decided he wanted to give paintball a try. So we went to a place in Oroville. Greg, Mellissa (20), Joshua (10), and I went to find out what it as all about. What was I thinking? We had to rent to the guns ans ...

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My Life

How many of you have seen the episode of family guy where cookie monster, a beloved children’s icon, is portrayed as an addict looking for a fix in a bathroom stall? Well, for those of you who haven’t seen it, Lois (one of the main characters) walks into a bathroom stall and there sits cookie ...

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Spanish Class Is A Waste of Time

I feel that spanish is a complete waste of time. We live in America! It should be a freedom of choice if we should learn a second language or not. If i wanted ot learn spanish I would live in mexico. its not like im going to speak spanish outside of school so whats the point of learning it? I will ...

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Souvlaki hut

As I have joined Souvlaki hut on 27th September 2008 as a part time employee in a Kitchen, but from January onwards I am working as a Kitchen Supervisor. As this is a casual dining Greek restaurant, for cut cost on our labour cost, my organization had employed 95 % school kids and as being a ...

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As Flowers Fall: Spanish version

Al Caer Las Flores By Diana Chu 1 de diciembre, 2008 Querido Jimmy, ¡Y comienza la cuenta! Veinte días más hasta tu cumpleaños. Acabo de hablar contigo por Skype hace unos minutos. Te ves muy bien, sigues siendo el muchacho de buen corazón que recuerdo. Tu todavía me haces reír, ...

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One fateful day at the end of June in 1998 when I was spending some time at home; my mother came to me with the bad news: my parent’s best friend, Tommy, had been diagnosed with brain cancer. He had been sick for some time and we all had anxiously been awaiting a prognosis. But none of us were ...

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A Valuable Relationship

Over the past year or so I have begun to analyze certain things that pertain to my life from a more realistic perspective. One thing in particular has noticeably affected me. My fourteen-year-old cat Alex, about 81 years of age in human terms hasn’t that much time left on this planet. My first real ...

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Librarianship Reflective Essay

Jacob Hill Third-Year Review Reflective Essay In my 3 years at the A.C. Buehler Library I believe I have developed the competence and experience necessary to execute professional librarianship as it is outlined in the Qualifications for Librarian promotion in the faculty manual. Since ...

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My Life as a Teenage Gang Member

I am a sixteen year old male who has ties to the gang world. I recently tried to commit suicide because there was a hit on me because of my activity. I dont quite know why I joined a gang because I wasn't lacking anything at home. I do come from a single parent home but my mom is the strongest ...

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Everyone Benefits From Volunteering

What is a volunteer? A volunteer as someone who gives their time and talents for unselfish reasons and for no monetary gain. Whether it is gaining knowledge and skills to help them find a job or do their current job better, making new friends and connections, giving back to their community or an ...

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Summary On My Holiday Trip

All were extremely happy to see my name in the first division. My joy knew no bounds. My friends refused to go home without sweets. I promised him a good party the very next morning. I could not sleep with joy the whole night. The next morning my friends and relatives began to pour in. They ...

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Summer Road Trip

It was a hot and dry summer morning when we packed up the Suburban or as the kids passionately called it “Ms. Burban”. We were on our way to the Seattle, Washington, to pick up my 1968 Firebird convertible that had been in storage since our move from Seattle to Austin. The storage company was ...

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Concept of Grace

Concept of Grace The concept of grace is to forgive or put aside your own needs when needed or wanted. We shouldn’t just forgive someone because we should, we should forgive them because we need or want to. Grace is almost like generosity; to be generous you have to be able help someone or do ...

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Grace is granting forgiveness or putting aside our own needs when there is no standard that says we should or must do so (Wood, 2010, p. 246). Mother and daughter forgiveness comes unconditional, and it seems to me that grace is appropriate when a daughter says, “I am sorry I let you down”, I ...

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We can defined it as accomplishing a certain goal “One has achieved who has lived well and laughed often.” This quote seems to sum up what is meant by . If you are able to laugh often and much then you have definitely achieved happiness. The idea of living well, though, is a very broad statement. ...

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Good Manner

Good manners are not born with us; they have to be learnt. If a child were not taught how to behave respectfully, he would grow up rough and rude like a savage. The only difference between a cultured and uncultured man is that the former is educated and knows good manner, while the latter is ...

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Season That Appeals To Me The Most

What an amazing experience…I could hardly believe all that we did in those last two days. This package only came with the summer, schools on break for the summer holidays, we moved up country to visit our grandparents together with our parents, in the south of the Great Rift Valley province in ...

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During my last school holidays, I spent a few days at my cousin’s house at Morib, a well-known sea resort. I shall never forget that visit. On the day I arrived at Morib, my cousin told me that he would do to make my stay there a very interesting one. He said that he would make a raft to use it ...

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My Morning

5:30am ‘Oi answer the phone answer the phone’ it was my mobile phone ringing and I don’t even turn my on my phone when I am asleep and it going off. what’s with a non existing alarm going off at 5:30. Who has an alarm at 5:30 any way I went back to sleep now. Then I get up at 7am but I don’t ...

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Bad News Blues

As I impatiently sat in a waiting room at Detroit Children’s Hospital with my family, I had a “gut” feeling that the news I was about to receive wasn’t going to be good or something I wanted to hear. The Chief Orthopedic Surgeon evaluated all of the X-rays, Bone Scans, MRI (magnetic resonance ...

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