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Consider this: Elizabeth Wurtzel has struggled with depression throughout her life. She has a history of suicide attempts, self-mutilations, and serious mood swings. She took numerous antidepressants and medications in an attempt to regulate her irregular behavior. She quit using the ...

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Langston Hughes

was born in Joplin, Missouri into an abolitionist family. He was the grandson of Charles Henry Langston. His brother was John Mercer Langston, who was the the first Black American to be elected to public office in 1855. Hughes attended Central High School in Cleveland, Ohio, but began writing ...

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Capital Punishment, Should It Or Should It Not Be Used In Today's Criminal Judging System

Capital Punishment, Should It Or Should It Not Be Used In Today's Criminal While Capital Punishment has been one of the most feared things of our time, it is still being questioned if it is unconstitutional. The Death Penalty is being enforced in more than 100 countries in the world and are ...

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Affirmative Action

Papers are piling up on top of a desk. People are running around trying to meet their deadlines. Assignments are being pushed back to later dates. Phones are being answered, but put on hold for the next available representatives. The president of the firm puts out a notice of hire. The word is ...

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Marijuana Story

Marijuana has been hailed as a prescription for many ills and physicians once used it to stimulate appetite, relieve chronic pain, and treat asthma and migraines. But is marijuana really a medical miracle? If so, do its clinical benefits outweigh its drawbacks? Should we legalize marijuana? Is ...

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The Causes of Police Brutality

The Causes of Police Brutality If a person gets pulled over for a traffic violation they should not have to feel threatened by the people sworn to protect the citizens of this country. More and more everyday police are using excessive force towards suspects and actual criminals. People often ...

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Nine Parts Of Desire

There are many political, religious, and cultural factors that shape the lives of Islamic women many of them are completely different than factors in the lives of American women. Islam is one of the world’s fastest growing religions; however, Brooks argues that “Islam’s holiest texts have been ...

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Slavery Pretend you are a slave . Your body, your time, your very breath belong’s to a farmer. Six long days a week you tend his fields and make him rich. You have never tasted freedom. You never expect to. And yet . . . your soul lights up when you hear whispers of attempted escape. If a ...

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Benjamin Banneker

Benjamin Banneker Benjamin Banneker was born on November 9, 1731, in Ellicott's Mills, Maryland. A free black who owned a farm near Baltimore, Banneker was largely self-educated in astronomy by watching the stars and in mathematics by reading borrowed textbooks. He became an active writer of ...

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Democracy and the United States

This paper is about the success of the type of government running the United States and to what degree is it really looking after the needs of its people and its land. A Preface to Politics Today democracy, especially in America, holds a place of sanctity in our political environment, ...

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