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Excellence Is Your Best Weapon For Fighting Racism

The Bible says that "the poor will always be with us." An similar statement is that racism will always be with us. So, the question is, "What should we do about it?" There are many ways to fight racism: you might march, protest, complain, or beg the government for help. Some of these methods have ...

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Information Management

The relentless advance of IT and telecommunications systems has brought dramatic benefits to individuals, businesses and other organisations. These years, the world has developed into an information economy, and the applying of new technologies is at the centre of the activity. New technologies ...

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The Current State of Affairs

The Current State of Affairs Shirin Dey, Grade 9, CHS The Mumbai massacre, the Wal-Mart stampede, piracy on the high seas, and the recession: so much had happened on the week of Thanksgiving, 2008. The question is, “Do you know the current events?” If you asked my generation, you’d be ...

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1 E-Business and on line banking in Bangladesh: an Analysis Muhammad Mahboob Ali Office of Research and Publications (ORP) American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB) Working Paper No. AIUB-BUS-ECON-2010-03 Citation Muhammad Mahboob Ali (2010). E-Business and on line banking in ...

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Men And Women Were Created Equ

al Men are not superior to women, they are equal in every way. Although it is true that society has stereotyped women into traditional roles, this preconceived notion, is totally false. Action to promote the concept of equality in our society needs to be taken. Women have been fighting for ...

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