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Affirmative Action In Florida

"By assuming that what we did to blacks was immoral, we were willing to assuage our guilt via affirmative action programs and welfare. By thinking of men as the dominant oppressors who do what they do for power and greed, we feel a little guilt when the die early in the process. By believing ...

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Adult Entertainment And The City Of New York

New York Association of Adult Entertainment Establishments (NYAEE) causes to act in a legal suit against the Department of City Planning. Background and Facts. In this dispute, the Adult Establishment has been restricted in the city of New York, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Staten ...

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David Korten's "When Corporations Rule The World"

The book "When corporations Rule the World" by David Korten describes the way things will be in the future with multi-national corporations. These large corporations are found all over the world. There are many different problems that are appearing and many of them can be seen to be connected ...

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King Lear: Evil Nature Of Edmund

It is possible that the tragedy of King Lear could be driven almost entirely by the pure evil nature of Edmund. After Lear's initial acts of eminent domain, the play becomes driven by Edmund's cunning evil acts. Edmund forces his own brother into hiding, turns his father against his brother, ...

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Land Related Challenge To Slum Upgrading

LAND RELATED CHALLENGES TO SLUM UPGRADING IN KENYA Land is fundamental to the shelter process. If there is no land on which to build housing, then none can be built, irrespective of the availability of the other inputs required for shelter provision. In particular, an adequate supply of land is ...

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Shermans March

E-mail: klotzsta@pilot.msu.edu Sherman’s March In November of 1864, Major General William Tecumseh Sherman cut a 300-mile long, 60-mile wide corridor of destruction across the Confederate State of Georgia. He burned every thing in his path. He torched plantations, bridges, crops, factories, and ...

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Genetic Cloning And Frankenstein

The ethical debate concerning biotechnological exploration into genetic cloning has created a monster in itself. A multitude of ethical questions arises when considering the ramifications of creating a genetically engineered human being. Does man or science have the right to create life through ...

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Homeopathy And Women

Over the course of the past several decades feminist scholars, in company with medical historians, have developed a sophisticated framework for identifying the ways in which Western medicine, as a system of social control, tends to reproduce and legitimate the construction of gender in the wider ...

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Disruptive Technology

The term "disruptive technology" as coined by Christensen (1997) refers to a new technology having lower cost and performance measured by traditional criteria, but having higher ancillary performance. Christensen finds that disruptive technologies may enter and expand emerging market niches, ...

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How To Raise Money?

Most startups that raise money do it more than once. A typical trajectory might be (1) to get started with a few tens of thousands from something like Y Combinator or individual angels, then (2) raise a few hundred thousand to a few million to build the company, and then (3) once the company is ...

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