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Blacks: Indirectly Enslaved

After the Civil War was over, reconstruction began in the south. During this time, many things were done to rebuild the United States. Different issues were examined; one such issue was slavery and what to do with the newly freed slaves. Slavery was abolished with the 13th amendment after the ...

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William McKinley

Twenty-Fifth President 1897-1901 Born: 1/29/1843 Birthplace: Niles, Ohio was born in Niles, Ohio, on Jan. 29, 1843. He taught school, then served in the Civil War, rising from the ranks to become a major. McKinley opened a law office in Canton, Ohio, and in 1871 married Ida Saxton. Elected to ...

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Flaws In America’s Legislative Branch

Being the only democratic government with a legislative branch, the United States of America procures numerous criticisms, especially from advocates of a parliamentary procedure. Specifically, issues involving the intention of the founders, the influence of the electoral system, the power of ...

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The Good Friday Agreement

The 1998 ‘Good Friday Agreement’, so called because of the day on which it was signed, is the latest attempt to end 30 years of the ‘Troubles’ between the Nationalist and Unionist communities in Northern Ireland. Source 1 identifies social problems between the two communities. The picture of the ...

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As someone who writes and organizes around issues of imprisonment and detention my work is often met with a certain type of resignation. Though many politically-conscious individuals are quick to lament our nation's chart-topping incarceration rates, they're justifiably overwhelmed by the ...

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Mexican American Culture

Mexican American Culture The issue of multiculturalism has evolved so that it is included in all aspects of the American social structure. America, as the 'melting pot' of cultural identities, has welcomed a number of different immigrant cultures. It's been said of immigrants, "They were ...

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