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Happiness or Settling For Less

In life, people are constantly facing the conflict of weather to pursue their personal desires, or follow society and conform. In some cases, people are forced to put aside their personal wants and desires, and conform to society weather they agree or disagree with the change. For some individuals, ...

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Sports And Nationalism

It is with no doubt that the idea of nationalism has become one of the most powerful ideological forces of the 20th century. Many important historical events have shown the growth and impact of nationalist sentiment. When one ponders about the idea of nationalism, one can draw from a variety of ...

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Plato Vs. Marx: Philosophical Arguments

Everyone has different views and ideas in today's society. It was no different back in the times of Plato and Karl Marx. These two famous philosophers developed their own ideas and beliefs about different subjects. Plato and Marx's views differed in the subject of Epistemology, the study of ...

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Nike Company Profile

Nike Inc. was incorporated in 1968 under the laws of the state of Oregon, USA. The general business activities can be described as follows: design, development, and global marketing of high quality footwear, equipment and accessory products. Nike is the largest seller of athletic footwear and ...

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Skaters And Stereotypes

People today stereotype skaters and surfers as lazy, no good potheads. I would have to dissagree with that statement. Police harrass skaters for skating in parking lots and on the streets of their towns. It is like the police think that they are going to do more than skate. It is the same with ...

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