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Jamaica: "Jammin," Life In Jamaica

I. Introduction II. Recent History III. Geography A. Resources B. Problems C. Land Use IV. Economy A. Hurricane Gilbert B. Problems V. Government VI. People VII. Music A. ...

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The island of is the third largest Caribbean island. It is in a group of islands called the greater antilles. It has an area of 10 991 km squared or 4 244 sq. miles. spans 230 km east to west and from 80-36 from north to south. It is third only to Cuba, which is the largest, and Hispaniola ...

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Impact of Cruise Line Tourism on the Caribbean

David Isaac Workshop Essay (Global Tourism) This workshop was geared towards making students aware of the impact that globalization, specifically through tourism, has had on other underdeveloped countries. My group and I discussed the importance of being responsible tourist in the ...

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Cuba's Tourism

Cuba was a popular attraction for Americans about forty years ago. Under the restrictions imposed by the American economic embargo Cuba became off limits to Americans. Cuba is the largest of the Caribbean islands located 145km south of the United States across the Florida straits. The island is ...

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The Effects Of Hurricane Gilbert

During the year of 1988, several events changed the lives of hundreds of people. The summer Olympics, a presidential election, and Hurricane Gilbert which tore through Jamaica, part of Mexico and the United States. Hurricane Gilbert occurred between September 10th and the 17th. Hurricane Gilbert ...

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