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There are three fundamental laws that give the idea to support the atomic theories which are the law of conservation of mass, which says that in a chemical reaction, matter is neither created nor destroyed, was developed by French scientist Antone Lavoisier. The law of definite proportions states that different samples of any pure compound contain the same elements in the same proportions by mass. This law was established by Proust. The law of multiple proportions state that the masses of one element can combine chemically with a fixed mass of another element in a ratio of small whole numbers. Cathode-ray tube experiments shows that atoms contain ...

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mass is very small which is easily negligible. The positively charged protons in an element are balanced by the negatively charged electron, that's why the atom of that particular element has no charge. The atomic number is the number of protons present in the element. The sum of the protons and neutrons is termed the mass number of an element. Atoms of an element that has the same number of protons but different number of electrons are called the isotopes. The AMU (atomic mass unit) of a particular element expresses the mass of an atom of that element relative to the mass of the most common isotope of carbon which is 12. The average mass which takes into account the relative abundance of the different isotopes is called the atomic mass or atomic weight. Periodic table was made by Russian scientist Mandeleev. He arranged the known elements in order of increasing atomic mass in horizontal rows and the elements with the similar properties in the vertical columns. The horizontal rows ...

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