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Per the requirements, I was elected Cesium, element number 55 of the Periodic Table. Robert Bunsen and Gustav Kirchhoff discovered cesium, or often known as “caesium,” in 1860 (Chemicool).

Cesium has many physical properties to the element. Cesium is the softest element, with a hardness of 0.2 Mohs. It is a very ductile, pale metal, which darkens in the presence of trace amounts of oxygen. When in the presence of mineral oil, cesium loses its metallic luster and takes on a duller, grey appearance. It has a melting point of 28.4 °C or 83.1 °F, making it one of the few elemental metals, including Mercury, that are liquid near room temperature. In ...

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Cesium metal is highly reactive as it ignites spontaneously in air, and reacts explosively with water at low temperatures, making this metal very hazardous. While it may also react with solid water at temperatures as low as -116 °C, or -177 °F. “It is stored and shipped in dry, saturated hydrocarbons such as mineral oil. It can be handled only under inert gas.” Cesium explodes instantly upon contact with water, leaving little time for hydrogen to accumulate. Thus, cesium can be stored in vacuum-sealed borosilicate glass ampoules. In quantities of more than about 100 grams (3.5 oz), cesium is shipped in hermetically sealed, stainless steel containers (Wikipedia).

Cesium has 36 isotopes whose half-lives are known, with mass numbers 112 to 148. Naturally occurring cesium consists of its one stable isotope, 133Cs (Chemicool).

Cesium is, of course, found in nature in the minerals pollucite and lepidolite. “Commercially, most cesium is produced as a byproduct ...

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