The following 100 quizzes are in the format No - Question - Answer and each contains 100 questions for a total of 10000. There are 50 questions per page and the document should print out correctly but I recommend print preview first.

I have been writing quizzes for different purposes for years now but these came about because of my beginning to use Paltalk. Paltalk is an free internet chat program and service that supports text voice and web cam chats and had many different rooms (including adult and children's) available. I use several of the Adult quiz room regularly.

If you are interested in Paltalk you can download the appropriate software at ...

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suggested that if they were available she would buy them because they were better than the books she normally purchased.

Remember a hard question is one you don't know the answer to, and an easy question is one that you do.

All of these quizzes were written as general knowledge quizzes for Paltalk and have been read once (by me) on that medium

I hope you find them useful and enjoyable (and send me some money ) but at least have fun.

No Questions Quiz 1 Answers

1 Carl and the Passions changed band name to what Beach Boys
2 How many rings on the Olympic flag Five
3 What colour is vermilion a shade of Red
4 King Zog ruled which country Albania
5 What colour is Spock's blood Green
6 Where in your body is your patella Knee ( it's the kneecap )
7 Where can you find London bridge today USA ( Arizona )
8 What spirit is mixed with ginger beer in a Moscow mule Vodka
9 Who was the first man in space Yuri Gagarin
10 What would you do ...

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their leaves in winter
34 In golf what name is given to the No 3 wood Spoon
35 If you has caries who would you consult Dentist - its tooth decay
36 What other name is Mellor's famously known by Lady Chatterlys Lover
37 What did Jack Horner pull from his pie Plum
38 How many feet in a fathom Six
39 which film had song Springtime for Hitler The Producers
40 Name the legless fighter pilot of ww2 Douglas Bader
41 What was the name of inn in Treasure Island Admiral Benbow
42 What was Erich Weiss better known as Harry Houdini
43 Who sailed in the Nina - Pinta and Santa Maria Christopher Columbus
44 Which leader died in St Helena Napoleon Bonaparte
45 Who ...

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