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Muhammad Ali

Shay Cook Rochelle ISD English 1301 2 November, 2016 Muhammad Ali was one of the most outspoken activists of his time. He was loud, strong willed, and made a difference in our world. His impact, in and out of the ring, has changed people's lives, from how he stood up against the Supreme ...

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Judy Chicago’s The Dinner Party

Judy Chicago's The Dinner Party While it is expected that singers and actors will change their names, it is much less expected that visual artists will do so. In fact, Judy Chicago did begin her career in the usual way, with her family name. She changed it from Cohen to Gerowitz when she ...

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Funding for the Arts

In today’s education system, there is a lack of funding for the arts in public schools. Sufficient data exists to overwhelmingly support the belief that study and participation in the fine arts is a key component in improving learning throughout all academic areas. Evidence of its effectiveness ...

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Gatekeeping in Malaysia It is known that Malaysia has been some of the toughest censorship laws in the world. At the same time, the internet growth let some media activists express their thoughts without any imitations. Some newspapers restricted in their print versions, challenge government ...

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American Contemporary Politics And Music

American Government. Micah Miles. 4/10/2015 Title: American contemporary politics and music. I really never thought much about how music and politics could have anything in common until I received ...

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