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The Digestive System: How It Works

The digestive systems works on nutrients taken from the environment, breaking them down into simpler products, and then absorbing the products together with water and salts so they can be used in metabolism. The individuals of all species contain many different protiens or carbohydrates in the ...

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The Digestive System

In this next report I will be talking to you about . You stomach is your main organ because it mixes your food and breaks down food into units that can be taken into and used by your body. The stomach looks like a big bagpipe. The alimentary canal is a long tube inside your body that runs from ...

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Digestive Systems Of Humans, Earthworms, And Grasshoppers

The human, earthworm, and grasshopper digestive systems all have some similarities, as well as some differences. In the human digestive system, the process begins at the oral cavity (mouth). The mouth contains the teeth, tongue, and the salivary glands. The salivary glands contain saliva, ...

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Digestive System

The human body uses various kinds of food for energy and growth. To be used, however, food must be changed into a form that can be carried through the bloodstream. The body's process of extracting useful nutrients from food is called digestion. The of humans and other higher animals is the ...

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How Nutrients Get In, And Wastes Out.

In a human being, nutrients are necessary for survival. But how are these nutrients obtained? This report will go into depth on how the food we eat gets into our cells, and how the waste products that we produce get out of the body. Also, the unicellular organism Paramecium will be compared ...

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Fertilization and Development

Fertilization and Development To complete this worksheet, select: Module: Continuity Activity: Animations Title: Fertilization and Development Fertilization 1. Define fertilization. Process by which two gametes from the parents fuse their genetic information to form a new ...

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