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Sixteen Most Significant Events In US History Between 1789 To 1975

After a review of United States' history from 1789 to 1975, I have identified what I believe are the sixteen most significant events of that time period. The attached sheet identifies the events and places them in brackets by time period. The following discussion provides my reasoning for ...

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A Prolonged Civil Conflict

The reasons why the Vietnam War lasted so long is a very controversial subject among Americans. There is no simple answer to as why the war lasted so long. Many factors have to be considered when analyzing the war. The first factor that has to be considered is whether or not the U.S. really ...

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South China Sea Conflict

Introduction Over the course of the preceding centuries, the South China Sea has been the object of a territorial sovereignty conflict between many countries. Although the conflict was relatively calm and passive, in the last few months, there has been a rise in tension and disputes for the ...

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Education And Egalitarianism In America

The American educator Horace Mann once said: \"As an apple is not in any proper sense an apple until it is ripe, so a human being is not in any proper sense a human being until he is educated.\" Education is the process through which people endeavor to pass along to their children their hard-won ...

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Originally the word gang had no negative connotation. In Old English, gang simply referred to a "number of people who went around together-a group." Today a gang can be defined in four basic ways: • an organized group with a leader • a unified group that usually remains together during peaceful ...

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Southeast Asia and American Business

Major Characteristics of Southeast Asia Southeast Asia is a region within Asia that consists of 10 independent member countries. This includes Burma (Myanmar), Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. Southeast Asia is bounded by the Indian ...

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The Rise Of The Manchus

Although the Manchus were not Han Chinese and were strongly resisted, especially in the south, they had assimilated a great deal of Chinese culture before conquering China Proper. Realizing that to dominate the empire they would have to do things the Chinese way, the Manchus retained many ...

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Origins Of The Cold War

The Cold War can be summed up as a lengthy period of high tension and rivalry between the two world dominating superpowers, the USA and USSR, although which never involved direct conflict between the forces of the two powers. Starting around 1950, the Cold War kept all mankind and society on the ...

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An Analysis Of Political Eliti

sm It is easy to believe that the middle-class working individual, whether he or she be white collar or blue collar, wields little political power except for during an election. It is also easy to think that we don’t have true democracy; political representation elected by the people, for the ...

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