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Bob Marley

was a Jamaican singer, guitarist, and songwriter, and a pioneer of Jamaican reggae music. He was considered one of the greatest artists of his time and was the first Jamaican reggae performer to achieve significant international stardom. Marley’s career stretched back over 20 years. During ...

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Rap Music; It’s Impact On Society Since It’s Birth.

The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines “rap” as a rhythmic chanting of usual rhymed couplets to a musical accompaniment. The purpose of this paper is to show how rap music has come to be. Also, citing the many performers who have mad this form of music what it is today. Rap is a large part of ...

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Jamaica: "Jammin," Life In Jamaica

I. Introduction II. Recent History III. Geography A. Resources B. Problems C. Land Use IV. Economy A. Hurricane Gilbert B. Problems V. Government VI. People VII. Music A. ...

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Bob Marley

<< One love, one heart let's get together and feel allright >> (Bob Marley, 1977) Bob Marley (1945-1981), emblème de la musique reggae, aura changé la facette de ce mouvement musical qui deviendra non seulement un style musicale connue internationalement, mais aussi porteur de message prônant ...

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The Evolution Of A Disc Jockey

In The Hip-Hop Culture With the turn of the century, a musical evolution began. The phonograph was part of this musical change. It was a simple musical output device. The role of this musical component was greatly regarded as that of just a music player during the modernistic period. During the ...

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Rites of Passage in the Rastafarian Culture

A rite of passage is a ritual or ceremony signifying an event in a person's life. Usually, this event is representing the transition from one stage in life, on to the next stage. Most cultures celebrate special ceremonies from the transition of adolescence unto adulthood. The Rastafarian ...

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Imagine this: spring break 1962, Jamaica. You are strolling down the streets of Kingston, enjoying the cool sea breeze and the delightful Caribbean climate. The streets are filled with many sounds. Cars' horns honking, children playing, and people shuffling by. There is one sound, however, that ...

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History Of Rap

Rap Music, a genre of R&B that includes rhythmic poetry put over a musical background. The background consists of beats combined with digitally isolated sound bites from other recordings. The first recording of rap was made in 1979 and the genre began to take notice in the U.S. in the mid-1980s. ...

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What's the Rap

Throughout the years music has changed tremendously. Each generation has several specific songs that tend to define that generation. The lyrics connect to each individual in many different ways. It impacts the world by motivating people to do certain things or defines a person’s personality. One ...

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US History

AP US History Review 2009 Session #4 Progressivism-Truman Includes the following chapters from The American Pageant (12th edition): Ch 29-37 Ch 29 Progressivism and the Republican Roosevelt, 1901-1912 Progressivism: The "real heart" of the progressive movement was effort by reformers to - ...

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Invisable Man - Black Leaders

At the time that Ralph Ellison writes the novel The Invisible Man there were, as there are today, many ideas on how to improve the black mans status in a segregated nation. Marcus Garvey was a militant black nationalist leader who created a "Back to Africa" movement. On the other side ...

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