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The Fascination of Great Cities

The Fascination of Great Cities Every city has its own specialty that fascinates people. Such as Lahore specialty is food, Karachi specialty is its ocean etc. People are mostly fascinated to great cities because there they can find various trading centers, shopping malls, restaurants and ...

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Limits of Westernization

During the eighteenth century, the Pacific saw an immense economic transformation turning the hemisphere into an area of production trade and cultural contact. With the Europeans’ intensification of industrial expansion, many of the isolated indigenous people among the Pacific World encountered ...

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Descriptive Discursive Essay On Singapore

What comes to your mind when Singapore is mentioned? Would you imagine a concrete jungle where everything is sparkling clean and filled with lush greenery or would you imagine a food paradise where there is a diversity of cuisines that are all delectable? However, the hideous side would have not ...

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Euro-Regional Capital Brussels is the capital of Belgium, and it borders the cities of Ypres, Ghent, Bruges, and Antwerp. Its absolute location is 50.85030 N, 4.35170 E (“Brussels Geography”). Brussels is in the central part of Belgium that lies between the rugged terrain of the Ardennes to ...

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