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Austria Austria, a small country in Central Europe famous for its gorgeous mountain scenery. The towering Alps, and the foothills stretch across the western, southern and central parts of the country. Broad green valleys, lovely mirror lakes and thick forest cover a good portion of the land. ...

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is predominantly a mountainous country, with an average elevation of about 910m (about 3000 ft). Most of the land falls within the eastern division of the Alps. In general the major mountain ranges of run in an eastern-western direction and are separated from one another by rather broad valleys. ...

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Austria Ottoman Report

The Austrian Empire had long been declining. This was due to a number of reasons. Most important were the different nationalities within the Empire. The Germans were the minority however they were in control of the government and all other important political positions. The Magyars, or the ...

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is a small country in central Europe famous for its beautiful mountain scenery and delicious wines. They take great pride in the fact that their country has long been leading cultural center of Europe. About 75 percent of ns are Roman Catholic. The rest are made up of Protestants and ...

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German Unificatio

At the end of the eighteenth century and up to 1814, Germany was under the power of Napoleon's French empire. Napoleon created the Confederation of the Rhine, a conglomeration of the fractured north German states. This was the first time that these states had been brought together and as a result ...

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Holocaust (devil IN Vienna)

The Holocaust. A subject most people would like to forget but shouldn't. People must find out as much as possible about it so history won't repeat itself. Millions of Jewish men, women, and children , of all strata were persecuted because of what? Nothing besides the fact that they were Jewish. ...

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SWOT Analysis of BMW Motors

"Looking into the future is impossible! Man has made nature predictable to an impressive degree, but there is one thing which as a matter of principle we cannot know and that is what we will know in the future - for if we did, we would know it already" (Assessing the consequences of technology). ...

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Germany's Role In World War One

In the early 1900's, there was much stress in Europe. Imperial competition, a strong feeling of nationalism and the fear of war, caused countries to ally with one another. Also, fear of an arms race further increased this tension and contributed to the outburst of war. Although Germany could ...

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The Life Of Adolf Hitler

At 6:30 p.m. on the evening of April 20, 1889, he was born in the small Austrian village of Braunau Am Inn just across the border from German Bavaria. Adolf Hitler would one day lead a movement that placed supreme importance on a person's family tree even making it a matter of life and death. ...

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World War I

The Fallout of the Versailles Peace Conference was more than anyone had expected. The infamous “Guilt Clause” had led to more repercussions than had been expected. Sure, Germany played a major part in the War and could be blamed for its beginnings. Many believed that war could have been avoided ...

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Yugoslavia 2

The Former Yugoslavia "...79 this is 72....72A has just exploded.....They just disapeared. They must have hit a mine. I think they're all dead......" On the 15th of the September 1992 Sgt. James Davis' armoured personel carrier struck a TMA-3 anti-tank mine, although his comrades had thought them ...

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Causes And Effects Of World Wa

r I What were the r I? The answer to this seemingly simple question is not elementary. There was more to the onset of the war then the event of an Austrian prince being murdered in Serbia, as is what most people consider to be the cause of World War I. Furthermore, the effects of the war were ...

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Essay On Origins Of World War

The thesis in the article ‘The origins of the World War’, by Sidney B. Fay, can clearly be stated as the explanation for World War I. Fay states that no one country is responsible for the creation of the war. Furthermore, he goes on to explain that each of the European country’s leaders did, or ...

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Diad Germany Cause WW1?

Did Germany cause World War 1? Although in the Treaty of Versailles Germany was to accept full responsibility for World War 1 this in not necessarily the case. Many factors have to be taken into account when considering the cause of World War 1. Germany may have been primarily responsible for the ...

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On the evening of April 20, 1889, Adolf was born in the village of Braunau Am in Austria. Nobody knew he would grow up and someday lead a movement that would hurt many families. Throughout his early days Adolf's mother feared loosing him. She paid a lot of attention to him and cared very much for ...

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The Balkan Crisis

The First World War was the product of long-standing rivalries rather than a badly mismanaged Balkan Crisis because it was these rivalries that led to the Balkan Crisis. The Balkan Crisis may appear mismanaged because previous crises such as those in Morocco in 1905 and 1911 did not result in war. ...

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Otto Eduard Leopold Von Bismarck-Schönhausen

was a major player in the unification of Germany. This Prussian junker, or aristocrat, was a Prussian nationalist and later a German nationalist. As Chief Minister to Wilhelm I of Prussia, he devised and executed a "klein-deutsch" (excluding Austria) plan to unify Germany. It was Bismarck's ...

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Causes Of The Wwi

The assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand triggered World War I. But the war had its origins in developments of the 1800's. The chief causes of World War I were (1) the rise of nationalism, (2) a build-up of military might, (3) competition for colonies, and (4) a system of military ...

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Weapons Of World War 1

Modern world histiory On June 28, 1914 a tradgite occurred- Arch Duke Francis Ferdinand of Austria was murdered. While in Sarajevo, the capital of the Bosnia an assassin killed him for no aparent reason. The assassin was Gavrilo Princip, a serb terrorist. Austria claimed that the serb ...

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