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History of Guitar

A sound wave is produced by a vibrating object. As a guitar string vibrates, it sets surrounding air molecules into vibrational motion. The frequency at which these air molecules vibrate is equal to the frequency of vibration of the guitar string. The back and forth vibrations of the surrounding ...

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The Renaissance Church and Creation of Music

Music This is a two page paper concerning the renaissance church and creation of music. There are three references used for this paper. Introduction The early Renaissance church was instrumental in the creation of music. It is interesting to examine three musical elements and how the ...

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The Beatles' Impact On American Civil Religion

An Analysis of the Beatles and Their Impact on American Civil Religion Introduction In 1967, Robert Bellah introduced the term "American civil religion" into scholarly debate, drawing his evidence from presidential addresses with their references to God, the nation's mission, and the ...

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A Guitar Instructor's Passion

A Guitar Teacher's Passion By Roxas DemonSlayer ( Music generally is considered a journey and anyone who contributes in that expedition are defined as instructors. Many instructors struggle to teach effectively. To acquire proficiency on the instrument, I ...

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Jazz Concert

I enjoy and listen to variety of music from classical music to rap music. I have attended many concerts, mostly symphony bands concerts. However, interestingly, through whole my life, I have never experienced jazz music and I have never been to jazz concert. Therefore, it was hard for me to decide ...

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A Night Of Salsa

Music Paper Salsa, meaning sauce in Spanish, is as varied and diverse as its namesake. It is considered a true dance of the people: changing and adapting across different cultures and landscapes. It is played by artists in countries from Cuba to Japan, paired up with music styles from pop to ...

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