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Cfcs Cause Deterioration Of The Ozone Layer

The deterioration of the ozone layer , caused by Cfcs, endangers the lives of humans'. Cfcs have a diminishing effect on the ozone layer. Furthermore, the deterioration of the ozone cause an increase of Ultraviolet (UV) radiation which can have a negative effect on human skin and eyes. As ...

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Essay On Evolution

There are many mechanisms that lead to evolutionary change. One of the most important mechanism in evolution is natural selection which is the differential success in the reproduction of different phenotypes resulting from the interaction of organisms with their environment. Natural selection ...

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Observed Distribution Of South American Relief Features

The land below us is always in motion. Plate tectonics studies these restless effects to give us a better understanding of the Earth and its past. New molten rocks are poured out in the form of magma from the mid-ocean ridges. The rock is recycled and re-entered back into the earth in deep ocean ...

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Nigeria Rainforest

There are many rainforests located throughout the world. Some of these rainforests are in danger. Among those which are being destroyed are the Nigerian Rainforests. These rainforests are endangered because of logging companies among a number of other things. Rainforests across the world are ...

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Effects Of Technology

There is no escape from technology. In most cases this is not a problem though. Many people respect and admire technology because it is there to benefit them. Without the technological advances we have had over the years, the world would not be what it is today. What people don’t ...

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Triatomic oxygen, O3, is most commonly known as . It has a resonance structure, and can be drawn in two different ways: O=O- O-O=O It is a bluish, explosive gas at room temperature, and has a boiling point of -119°C. It has a melting point of -193°C, and is a blue liquid. ...

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The Age Of The Earth

The earth is a huge ball covered with water, rocks, soil, and it is surrounded by air. Throughout advances in science, geologists have learned more and more about the earth and have been able to unravel mysteries and expand our knowledge of our planet. Where did the earth come from? How was it ...

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Essay On Metals

On Gold What's so special about this gold stuff, anyway? I mean, it's expensive because it's rare but why do we use it in jewellery? Gold has a couple of fairly unique properties that have made it attractive to jewellers throughout history. Prime among these is its resistance to corrosion. The ...

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The Atomic Bomb

The year was 1945. The war in the Pacific had reached it's climax with the attack on Pearl Harbor, or so the world thought! In 1943 a new era was just being discovered when Albert Einstein had uncovered a new way of destroying things. One so powerful it could wipe out entire cities in seconds. ...

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The Canada Goose

The Branta Canadensis, better known as is a magnificent bird which can be found all over North America. People from all over North America look towards the sky when the Canada Geese go honking overhead in their trademark "V" formation, and because they nest all over Canada and some of the United ...

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Boiling Water

I went online and found out a lot of information about . If you cover the tin and allow the water and air to cool down, the air will cool and contract, lowering the pressure in the tin. If it lowers enough, the partial vacuum will collapse the walls of the can! The boiling point definitely ...

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Creatine 2

Creatine is a substance that is used in athletics; it has both good and horrible effects. The effects of Creatine might include faster development of the muscles in your body, but the side effects can be drastic and are said to be extremely dangerous. Yet this product is still legal? Why? Who ...

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were discovered in the 1920's by Thomas Midgley, an organic chemist at General Motors Corporation. He was looking for inert, non- toxic, non-flammable compounds with low boiling points that could be used as refrigerants. He found what he was looking for in the form of two ...

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Environmental Studies

Since the release of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring in the 1960’s, mankind has expanded its quest to come to grips with the competing virtues of human economic entropy and of maintaining the integrity and diversity of the natural environment. As awareness of environmental degradation has increased, ...

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- Familia a la que pertenecen - Estructura química Como se Dispersan Como se generan Como se miden Que efectos producen Conclusiones. Soluciones o ideas Introducción: Este trabajo pertenece al proyecto grupo cuatro en ciencias del Bachillerato Internacional (IB), en el que la idea es ...

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LICHEN. On places like tree trunks, rocks, old boards, and also on the ground grow strange splotches of various-colored plant life called . They are of great scientific interest because they are not single plants; instead, each lichen is formed of a fungus and an alga living together so intimately ...

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Global Warming 2

Like the glass in a greenhouse, certain gases that occur naturally in the atmosphere tend to trap the sun's heat. This natural "greenhouse effect" helps keep the Earth's average temperature at a comfortable 59° Fahrenheit. Without these greenhouse gases, the Earth would be about 0° F, like a ...

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3,2,1, Launch poof! The satellite goes soaring into space. The rocket breaks apart leaving behind only the satellite. The long awaited launch of the first satellite, Sputnik 1, has been confirmed. A satellite is a man made object, put into space for the purpose of scientific research. The ...

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The Roswell Incident

CP-11 Period 6 Outline Thesis: The Roswell Incident, which enlightened our minds to the capacity of excepting, has remained one of the most controversial issues issues today. I. Introduction to Extraterrestrials A. Standpoints on Extraterrestrials 1. ...

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Effects Of Drugs On Pregnet Women

Pregnant women that smoke cigarettes on a daily basis can greatly harm their fetus. The Tobacco smoke in cigarettes greatly reduces fetal growth through the presence of nicotine, carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, cadmium and various other aromatic hydrocarbons, but the two most dangerous ...

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is the outermost planet of the gas giants. It has an equatorial diameter of 49,500 kilometers (30,760 miles) and is the eighth planet from the sun. If were hollow, it could contain nearly 60 Earth's. orbits the Sun every 165 years. It has eight moons, six of which were found by Voyager 2. ...

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Ecology Asssignment

1. Explain why any one species cannot live everywhere. Any species cannot live everywhere because this would effect the natural balance. Also one species cannot adapt to all the different environments of our planet. For example a marine creature can only live underwater and cannot live on ...

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My report is about the element . is the 27th element on the periodical table and has an atomic number of twenty-seven. It has a symbol of Co. ¹s atomic weight is 58.9332. It has a melting point of 1,490š C. and a boiling point of 2,900š C. looks almost exactly like iron and nickel. Cobalt ...

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Depression 2

One of the most common mental disorders in the world today affecting up to 340 million people worldwide is depression. Imagine the entire student body of Upper Darby High School infected with the exact same disease. Depression is a common but complex disorder diversely affecting a ...

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The Chaos Theory

Where Chaos begins, classical science ends. Ever since physicists have inquired into the laws of nature, the have not begun to explore irregular side of nature, the erratic and discontinuous side, that have always puzzled scientists. They did not attempt to understand disorder in the ...

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