The articles “The Killer,” “Insurance,” and “The Enemy
Within” all highlighted many concerns and problems that arise with .
They not only introduce medical aspects, but also the societal aspects as
well. The articles also told of many procedures and ideas that are
currently being studied and tested, and they highlighted many important
“The Cancer Killer” was based on new research and development of
the p53 gene, and how it affects cancer. It is a very important gene that
when healthy, keeps cells on track. However, when a mutation occurs, many
serious problems can develop.
The p53 gene was discovered in 1979 by David Lane of the University
of Delaware and Arnold Levine ...

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is forming, rogue molecules are present that keep it from
performing its good deeds. There have since been 5,200 studies on p53 and
researchers are sure it will be a major discovery.
The p53's function is as the director to control damage within the
cell. When it is healthy, normal cells keep them around and they continue
to degrade and replenish themselves. If a high alert is set in the cell
due to invaders such as radiation, chemotherapy carcinogens, or
chemotherapy drugs, the DNA is damaged, creating a potential risk for
cancer. The p53 stops degrading and becomes active as it builds its supply
and turns off the defective cell's ability to replicate until it can repair
the damaged DNA. It can do this by getting into the DNA and inhibiting the
growth of the cell or even terminating it.
If the p53 gene is unable to perform its job, serious problems can
arise, such as the onset of cancer. Most often, a mutation of the gene
causes one of the 2,362 chemical “letters” that ...

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and why. The p53 may change all this for oncologists, who
will be able to trace the cancer back to its original cause, the step where
the mutation began and made the situation detrimental.
Lung Cancer is caused by substances in cigarettes and smoke that
changes the G to a T (benzopyrene) or a C to an A (cigarettes). The
benzophyrene clings to an active spot in the mutation, which robs the lungs
of the mechanisms it requires to suppress tumors. This is the first step
in cancer.
Liver Cancer is usually affected by the Hepatitis B virus and
aflatoxins. The aflatoxins change the G to a T, and may become out of
control and a hepotocarcinoma will develop. With Hepatitis B, ...

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