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Lyme Disease

The National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD), P.O. Box 8923, New Fairfield, CT 06812, (203) 746-6518 Lyme Arthritis General Discussion -------------------------------- ** REMINDER ** The information contained in the Rare Disease Database is provided for educational purposes only. It ...

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The Effects Of Teenage Alcoholism

Teenage drinking is one of the greatest problems facing American teen’s today. Since teen drinking is rising, it is becoming a dangerous disease among young adults.[Alcoholism among]Many teens are becoming alcohol dependent. Some are getting drunk every weekend, some drinking every day. There are ...

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No-Calorie Powder May Substitute For Food's Fat

George E. Inglett of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Biopolymer Research Unit in Peoria III invented a no-calorie fat substitute called Z-Trim. It is a mix of crushed fibers made from the hulls of grains. It can replace the fat and some of the carbohydrates in foods such as chocolates, ...

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is defined as “the act of killing an individual for reasons being considered merciful.” It is a planned self-deliverance from a painful and hopeless disease. Today’s society has many different names for it such as: suicide, self-deliverance, auto-, aid-in-dying, assisted suicide, death with ...

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Osteoporosis And Effects Of Gavity And Space

Osteoporosis: a condition characterized by an absolute decrease in the amount of bone present to a level below which it is capable of maintaining the structural integrity of the skeleton. To state the obvious, Human beings have evolved under Earth’s gravity "1G". Our musculoskeleton system have ...

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Different Life Crises Have Different Impacts

Stress and everyday annoyances are not crises. Situations that interfere with normal activity, inspire feelings of panic or defeat, and bring about deep emotional reactions are crises. A crisis is a “turning point” or a crucial time that will make a difference for better or worse. The Chinese ...

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The Clinton Health Plan

The health care situation in the United States is in dire need of a change. The United States spends more money on health care per individual than any other nation in the world (14%of its GNP in 1991), and that amount is quickly rising. Virtually everyone, from doctors to politicians, recognize ...

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TB is a disease that can cause a serious illness and can damage a person's organs. Every year more than 25,000 people in the U.S. are diagnosed with TB disease. That's only a fraction of the amount of people who carry the Mycobacterium . Mycobacterium is a rod-shaped bacterium. TB is spread ...

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Anthrax: Chemical Warfare

Having the threat of Anthrax falling in to the hands of terrorist or paramilitary groups strikes fear in our way of chemical warfare. During the Gulf War, Iraq had large stores of anthrax, which were later destroyed during the war. U.S. military experts say that, Saddam has the capabilities of ...

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A Chinese medical technique; is a medicine originating in the orient over four-thousand years ago. Used primarily for pain relief, but also in curing disease and general health improvement. Oriental Medicine views (illness and pain) as an imbalance of one's energy. With the energetic balance ...

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The Need For Sleep

As fundamental as drinking or eating, sleeping can be described as a certain necessity that all animals need. Although it can not be proven beyond the shadow of a doubt what the evolutionary advantages are, there have been many studies that show what happens if we do not sleep. These slight ...

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A Definitive Argument On Euthanasia

Euthanasia is a very controversial topic, one that provokes both anger and sympathy. There are considered to be two kinds of euthanasia: passive and active. Passive euthanasia is to withhold treatment and allow a patient to die of his or her given disease. Active euthanasia is to take direct ...

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The Right To Die

Life is a very serious matter, however so is death. At sometime in every person's life they will die. Some people die peaceful deaths where as others die long miserable deaths. Doctors are unable to heal the pain of terminally ill patients yet they must suffer until they die. People should ...

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Euthanasia Is Not The Answer

All of us no matter how good we are take care of ourselves, exercise, or eat our vegetables, are going to die. We can not escape this. As our population ages in this country the issue of Euthanasia or sometimes called “mercy killing” will continue to be debated. The issue is now being debated in ...

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A tumour is a mass of new tissue growth that does not react to normal controls or the organizing influence of other tissues, and it has no useful function in the body. This applies to both types of , malignant and benign. Malignant, also known as, cancerous , are additionally defined by their ...

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The Meaning Of Abortion

Many have pondered upon . The argument being that every child born should be wanted, and others who believe that every child conceived should be born (Sass vii). This has been a controversial topic for years. Many people want to be able to decide the destiny of others. Everyone in the United ...

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AIDS In The Classroom

Your five-year-old child is in a class of 20. One of the 20 kids has AIDS. Wouldn't you like to know which one? Informing the parents and teachers about a child with AIDS should be done. The last that we want to do is ostracize a child who life is already in upheaval. He or she has a right to ...

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Human Nutrition

is the study of how food affects the health and survival of the human body. Human beings require food to grow, reproduce, and maintain good health. Without the food our bodies could not stay warm, build or repair tissues, and maintain a good heartbeat. Eating the right foods could help us rid ...

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Forensic Pathology

Pathology is the medical specialty concerned with examining body tissues and fluids to contribute to the diagnosis of disease. There are two types of pathology, anatomic and clinical. So what does forensics have to do with pathology? What is ? A forensic pathologist is a specialized branch of ...

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General Purpose of the Department: As we have learned, the idea is not new. Literally meaning "given to hospitality," s provided comfort, kindness, and nourishment to people in need hundreds of years ago. Today, hospices offer comfort to people as they near the end of life's journey. Hospice ...

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The Human Brain

The human being is considered to be the ultimate form of life on the earth. This is not because the human body is strong and agile. Many other animals posses skills much superior to humans and are able to perform feats humans can only dream of. The one thing that distinguishes humans from ...

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Lucid Dreams: The First Virtual Reality

For ages people have thought of dreams as curses or blessings that we could not prevent nor manipulate. This "place" called our dreams has constantly puzzled us, because it is here where all things are possible and seem to occur. In our dreams we perform superhuman and wonderful feats that would ...

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is a genetic blood disease, which is characterized by the inability of blood to clot, or coagulate even from minor injuries. This disease is caused by an insufficiency of certain blood proteins, called factors, that participate in blood clotting and often by sudden gene mutation. ...

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Prostate Cancer And Treatment

Prostate cancer is a disease that progresses slowely, but is the second deadliest among men. However, in the past ten years reasearchers have found important new treatments and technology to help cure prostate cancer. Prostate problems are most common in men fifty and older. Most can be treated ...

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The Ebola Virus

A virus is an ultramicroscopic infectious organism that, having no independent metabolic activity, can replicate only within a cell of another host organism. A virus consists of a core of nucleic acid, either RNA or DNA, surrounded by a coating of antigenic protein and sometimes a lipid layer ...

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