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in my opinion is a company that right from the beginning was "build to last"(1), it was built to be the best in Europe. It's founder Enzo was driven to develop the best (fastest) sports car possible not the most profitable. He was a clock builder, not a time teller so he developed traditions, ...

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The History Of Corvettes

It all started in September of 1951, when General Motors chief stylist Harley Earl took a ride to Watkins Glen sports car race. He was impressed with the Jaguars, Ferraris and Alfas, which made him decide to begin designing a new American sports car. Later on that year he assigns Bob McLean to ...

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6 Big Business Rivalries

February 18, 2009 6 Big Business Rivalries By Ilya Leybovich Healthy competition can sometimes devolve into full-blown feuding. Here we explain how six well-known business rivalries began and where they are now. When major businesses vie against one another for an increased chunk of market ...

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The Kondratieff Wave

has its basics in what’s called long wave cycles. These long wave cycles involve economics (world economics), important moments in history and of course human affairs. Long waves have to do more with “accumulated” massive structure problems in world economies. Problems that governments try to ...

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Supply And Demand For The Pors

Unveiled in February 1996 at a low-profile motor show in Hamburg, the Porsche Boxter was not born on a computer screen or in a focus group, but in the hearts, minds and imaginations of a small band of engineers with a passion for driving. Many were surprised when Porsche unveiled its new sports ...

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