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My Favorite Person

My favorite person My mother is the most confusing, weird, insane, and strangest person I know; she is also the most beautiful, caring, loving, and strongest figure in my life. She loves learning, and has been supportive in my diseases. She has taught me so many things about a natural lifestyles ...

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Dreaming Dreams

Dreaming Dreams Dreams can feel as if they were to happen in the real world and sometimes are straight bizarre. On some occasions these dreams led us to think certain things actually occured when we wake up. No one knows why we dream or what happens to our minds and bodies during our sleep. All ...

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My Narrative Style

I awoke lazily from my bed at 1:03 A.M. It was the second week of summer. No more school, and plenty of time to sleep the day away. Yet, it wasn’t that. Little did I know, my virtual classes had already started, and I was already behind. I opened my phone, scrolling through my social media and ...

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My Identity in a Digital World

Who Is "Kimberlyn Roberts" Kimberlyn Roberts SYG4119 Sociology in the Digital World/Ryan Chukuske Rasmussen College June 9, 2019 Identity in a Digital ...

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My First Concert

My First Concert The moment has finally arrived, walking so fast, inching closer to the stadium entrance, excitement overwhelming. At the entrance, a long line of people awaits their turn to be frisked. While waiting in line, an overload of emotions is seen across everyone's faces. Any music is ...

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Should I Move to United States?

Joanna Mata ELI 108 Compare and Contrast September 28, 2018 Should I Move to United States? Many people say that if you emigrate to the United States you will find a better life as well as the economy, and education. Today many places or countries are required to speak English then it ...

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Why America Is Great

America is great for various of reasons, this is true because it has freedom of speech, excellent education, a great environment , and most of all because we have great landmarks. To begin with, America is great because it has freedom of speech. Freedom of speech allows people who live in ...

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