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Being A Better Person

Being a better person is about character and traits. It is learning process in thinking, speaking and doing what is good and right. There are things in life that affect a person on what he becomes. As such there are goals and aspirations in life that drive us to be a better person. For me, one ...

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An Italian Family Birthday

An Italian Family Birthday Birthdays are a very special time of the year to the individual. It signifies another year passed in the life and gives the individual time to reflect on all they have accomplished within the past year. This leads to a traditional celebration, and with a good ...

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Myself As A Writer

Myself as a writer Although, I never think of myself as a writer, I personally enjoyed all kinds of reading for pleasure especially journals relating real world situation regarding economic, politic, and latest technologies. When I was in my own country, the book is only the source of knowledge ...

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My real name is James Jarvis Bullis. But everybody calls me JJ because my dad's first name is James but people call him Jim. I am Autistic. I am a literal thinker and I don't always understand slang, Jokes, or sarcasm. If you say something, I will tend to believe it and think you are serious. If ...

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The Loss of a Family Member

It was a time for me when life was like one of those T.V. shows that have perfect families and nothing bad ever happens. I liked it that way so when my father came home with a sad look on his face I have to say it scared me more then a little bit but I had no idea that the news he would present ...

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Reflective Journal

One problem I encountered in working in my group was that we argued about the purpose of the meetings. Every time we had a meeting we all had different ideas about what we should be doing. It took a lot of time at each meeting to decide what we needed to do that day and what we needed to do for the ...

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Who Am I?

Taylor Siebel Mrs.Mckenize October 14, 2013 Who Am I? Being a teenager in this day in age is rough. The images of how were suppose to look or act is swamping social media every day. It's hard to stick to one personality when trying to fit in. It is not always just social Media's ...

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Opinions about Facebook

I would have to say that Facebook is a great place to reconnect with old friends, and to keep in touch with relatives and friends who are far away. It's also a nice place to share your photographs which were taken in a party, a special event, or in a trip to some beautiful places… Further more, you ...

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Carol Bergin Benjamin Kile College Writing 10 February 2014 A Strange Place Arriving at the Majestic Valley Arena in my hometown of Kalispell Montana I felt a dreadful feeling of unease and restlessness. I was dragged along by my girlfriend and her acquaintances to an event that I felt ...

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My School

My favourite place is my school. My school is Gary Adult High School in Tampa. When I came to the USA last November, I could not wait to go school to learn English. I like to learn new things every day and I can do it at my school. At my school, I can make new friends and it is very nice, because I ...

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Establishing Personal Goals In Your Life

Establishing Personal Goals In Your Life As the most of my peers, I have been asking myself a question, and what is it really I want out of my life? This question has not only been bothering me, but also many college students who are trying to figure out the path which will lead them to their ...

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My Life

Turkish news nowadays carry vivid images which have become terrifyingly commonplace: the surface of the sea littered with dead sheep; a landfill explosion leading to a number of deaths; vendors offering radiation-contaminated tea for half-price; a little girl's death resulting from her fall through ...

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My Daughter

Molleigh Yarbrough ID#910208022 Essay 1 English 1101 My daughter is my world. She is my everything. Let's start back when my life changed forever. On July 4[th], 2012, is when I started getting sick. I would be sick one minute and the new minute I would be fine. My mother asked me if I was ...

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When I was a kid I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy in my knees, which required heel-cord surgery to help me walk, run, or do anything others can do. I don't let my disability get to me or reflect who I am as a person. I don't look for sympathy or anything to that sort. I was told I would never ...

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A few months ago I participated in DAP 1 and I fell in love with the program, including the volunteers and their hands on learning methods. My favorite part of the whole experience was being able to take an idea or a design in my head, and be able to watch it come to life. I loved how we were ...

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Movie Night

Mary February 23[rd], 2014 English 1 Movie Night My family loves to get out of the comfort of our own home to catch a flick at the nearby Budget Cinemas. Preferably on Tuesday's when it's only $1 per person. It's always exciting to watch a movie on a humongous screen, eat some buttery ...

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The Things They Carried

Stella carried her music. She carried it with her wherever she went. She carried it in the car, around her house, and through the anxiety filled hallways of dreaded high school. She carried her headphones which blocked out the sound of people talking about meaningless crap and the annoying voice of ...

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The Type of Man I Want

The last week in my work, a retail store, while I was ringing up a young couple’s stuff I observed how the young gentlemen treated his woman like a princess in many aspects. After that I concluded that I want a man like him but much more improved, a man who can have me tattooed in his mind, soul ...

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My Dad

My Dad Three times a week after school I go visit my dad. When I enter the hospital room where he has lain in a coma since his accident, my eyes often wander to the lone golf ball my mom placed at his bedside. Just six months ago, my father was driving a golf cart across the street that bisects ...

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The Beautiful Island of Oahu

Paul Bartley David Petermann Initial Assessment Essay 30 January 2014 The Beautiful Island of Oahu Aloha. The most beautiful place that I have ever been would have to be the island Oahu. It is just everything that you could ask for in a place of enjoyment, weather, and people. I've been ...

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My Family

MY FAMILY My family consists of 4 people. They are my grandfather, my parents, my sister and me and my pet dog. My father is an engineer working for a government office. My mother is a housewife. My sister is 8 and she is studying at Lindsay Girls School, and I am also student at that school. We ...

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Who I Am

It took twenty four years to create who I am today. Within these years, I have been given the freedom to explore the world in order to satisfy my curiosity toward all the strange and wonderful things in the world around me. I grew up in a healthy family. I had a younger than me sister and this ...

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How I Tried To Avoid School

How I Tried To Avoid School - Creative Piece Day 1-3 of My Plan It was the 16[th] of January and I was chillin' with my bros, selfishly my mother reminded me that school starts in a fortnight. I started to panic and I got stressed out! I couldn't face school again! So, I went to bed, still ...

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Journey To Success

Journey to Success Thoughts of the attainment of success are what drive people to achieve a higher standing. It is seen that how successful a person is defines who they happen to be and what they contribute to society. Certain characteristics are essential in the establishment of success, as ...

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My Siblings

Emily Flores Being the youngest of five siblings, growing up, I was able to watch my brothers and sister set goals figure out what they would eventually need to do in order to make their goals a reality, and in a matter of time watch all their goals and dreams become nothing but a faint memory ...

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