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Creative Writing: My Idea Of Where The Heck Life Came From

There are many theories concerning where life came from, but which one is right? Did life come from pre-existing life on the Earth billions of years ago? Did it come from this primordial soup filled with itty-bitty organisms swimming around in it? What came first; the chicken or the egg? Let's ...

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War Of The Leather-Orb: A Beowulfian Parody

Yes, we have heard of the rivalrous war of the leather-orb amongst the Titans, bearers of blue and the Dragons, bearers of orange in the days past. All honor and glory to the first blue, son of Coachtheow whose wise ways brought him praise and holdings from the Maker of Breath. For -seven ...

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The Matchmaker

“0 88 y-screen left. Hurry up, there isn’t much time left!” Shouts West Hills football coach, Steve Bogan. Steve’s brother, Homer, sits up in the stands cheering on his brother’s team. As Homer watches the receiver catch the ball with no one around him within 20 yards, he knows that play was ...

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Creative Writing: A World Without Engineers

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, on the planet Zovirax, there was an evil king, King Syphilis, who was mighty pleased with himself, for he had just banished all the engineers on the planet to work in the Pixie Stick Powder mines on the moons of Gluteus. "You see," he told his ...

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A Camera's Eye

Here I sit, in some coffeehouse somewhere, staring into the face of the person in front of me as she rambles on about the happenings of her day. I don't mean to ignore her and I certainly don't discredit what it is she's talking about, but I can't help noticing the shadows seeping across the left ...

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Personal Writing: Drag Racing

The heat was unbearable as I pulled up to the starting line. The smell of exhaust gases and burned rubber filled the air. The starting light received my fullest attention, zoning everything out of my conscience. 3…2…1…green light! I stomped my foot on the accelerator as I side stepped my ...

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The Ghost Of Peter Quint

One afternoon in June when the governess first arrived at the country estate at Bly where she was to supposed to take care of Miles (10) and Flora (8). The two children were to be under her complete care The uncle who had married her, said that he did not want to be bothered with his orphaned ...

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Personal Writing: The Game

It was five minutes before the start of the championship game; the most important game of their lives. 1999 Class B State Basketball Champions, Shelby Tigers. “That had a nice ring to it,” thought Todd, their star point guard and leading scorer. Todd was also the leader in steals, assists, and ...

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Love By Way Of Chance

Love is one of the most precious and treasured feelings in one's life. I feel love and affection should be used carefully and under strong self- control. There are two ways of falling in love. The first way, which is mostly admired, is by way of chance. An example of chance is as follows: a man ...

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Personal Writing: Response To My Visit To The Boott Cotton Mill

Before visiting the Boott Cotton Mill, I thought about what it would look like. Everybody knows what a mill looks like, especially an old mill. I expected a large brick building with smoke stacks outside, inside I expected fully functional product producing facility. When I got there I was quite ...

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Personal Writing: The House Of My Dreams

As a child I imagined how my life would be as an adult. Perhaps, every individual had similar fantasies. The perfect spouse, successful position, flawless environment, and breath taken mention. The clearest image I had was of my future house. I see it as a sixty five hundred square feet of red ...

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Creative Writing: The Nightmare

It all began one day when I was over my friend Susan's house. Her parents had just left for vacation to Texas, leaving her home by herself. I was allowed to stay that weekend while her parents were away. Susan and I were sitting down eating when she got a call from the house where a new family ...

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Down With Community Service

Dear Editor, I have recently read an article in the newspaper that concerned young people doing community service after they graduate high school. It stated that they should do two years of community service. I disagree with the article for many reasons. Many people will agree with me about ...

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Bleeding Ireland And Black America

Fall Road is deserted. Only a few dirt-caked, barefoot, Irishmen can be seen shivering in the adjacent park. We walk past the Catholic neighborhoods knowing, at any moment, buildings might explode and automatic weapon fire could lacerate the air on every side of us. Belfast is charming, apart ...

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My Man

I sat on the beach eyeing the brown haired hunk who sat all alone a little way away from me. I kept thinking of whether I should get up and "accidentally" trip next to him. After pondering this for about 15 minutes, I decided what the heck- I didn't have anything to lose. As I Got up, I glanced ...

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The Hurt Of Others

"Good morning class," said Mrs. Elmers. "This year we have two new students joining us, Colin and Fred." I looked over and saw another student with his head down. I assumed it was Fred. At lunch I met up with Fred. I introduced myself and we started hanging out together. We started doing things ...

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Personal Writing: My First Impression Of My Teacher Miss Vicki

My first impression of Miss Vicki was a highly authorative figure towering over me. Her voice boomed and the earth shook whenever she marched. She seemed like such an unapproachable and distant person. That was in the first year of High School. She was my Literature teacher then. During my first ...

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Creative Writing: The Search

I used to work for the F.B.I., in the Portland office. It was my childhood dream to be the one who gets the bad guy. My fiftieth birthday was in just three months. I had a wife and three children, still do, and the same job I'd had since my graduation from Quantico. We were living just outside ...

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Creative Writing: Conquest

The day they landed was the most horrible day I have ever been forced to live through. * * * The Soviet Union had begun to regroup. It was not immediately joined by the smaller and weaker nations that made up the northwestern region of the union. The independent nations of Latvia, Estonia, and ...

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Creative Writing: Manifest Function

In a land far far away and long ago there was an abundance on game animals until hunters came and slaughtered animal after animal to sell to near by restaurants for profit. Time passed and many became rich but the once abundant forests were now some how empty and game-less. Something had to ...

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Never Trust A Man Who Wears Sunglasses At Night

Vlad was dressed in his usual outfit of black denim jeans,ú black silk shirt and sunglasses even though it was 12:00 am, well after dark. He had one thought on his mind, make the meeting on time. As he walked, he recalled the circumstances leading up to his midnight stroll. He had been contacted ...

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lay flat on the ground, his belly pressed tightly to the earth. Green shrubs sheltered him from view. Only one hundred yards of cleared land sat between him and his objective. He had waited five years for this. It so happened that it was five years ago from today that it had happened. The ...

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Creative Writing: Beer And Drugs Make People Suck

There is a weak smoke rising up over the treetops. The golden sun is on its way down in west and on a little campsite in the woods, can Dan see a little flame from a fireplace and he can hear laughter, songs and clinging bottles. Dan walks a little closer to find out who's there. Suddenly he ...

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Personal Writing: The Zoo

Some of my friends and I made a visit to the zoo last Sunday. We took a taxi there and reached the zoo at 9:00 A.M. We entered through the main gate and went directly to see the wild animals. We came to the tiger’s cage first. Behind the iron bars, we saw some tigers walking around the cage. ...

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Creative Story: Lonely

It was a quiet night. No cars driving by, honking their horns. No sounds of little kids yelling. No dogs barking. Just peaceful and quiet. A gentle breeze blew with an occasional smell of spring in it. The air was just right, cool and fresh. Keith sat on his favorite porch rocking chair. ...

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