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Polish Poster Art

The development of modern art through concepts normally associated with media is a relatively new one. Yet, the dimensions of the context associated with the birds eye view of a culture as viewed through the advertisement for fine art exhibition is a substantially modern and fascinating message. ...

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Pathway To Heaven

PATHWAY TO HEAVEN The view from adventurous 5-day trek to Kheer Ganga This picture depicts the magnificent Parvati river flowing through Parvati Valley alongside the trek to Kheer Ganga. The Parvati valley is a standout amongst the most delightful valleys that you will ever see. It faces ...

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Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog

Throughout time, art has recorded history, expressed inner thoughts, and displayed the experiences of all people. For instance, the era of American Romanticism showcases paintings that empathize on nature, create a new world, borrow sets from the past, and are able to find one’s own explanations ...

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Vietnam Veteran Memorial

Wenjing Zhong After hearing Maya Lin talking about the most important masterpiece as a female architect, I started to realize how revolutionary and profound the Vietnam Veteran Memorial must be to win the blind competition of over 1,400 designs, and finally got built among tremendous ...

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Art From Rust And Dust

"Art from rust and dust" Art is a talent Art can help to satisfy our unsatisfied emotions. Art is the expression of "Joy of colours". There is purity in art. Contemplation is needed to understand the ...

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