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Comparing The Mona Lisa and Merode Altarpiece

The "Mona Lisa" (also known as "La Gioconda") by Leonardo DaVinci is probably one of the most recognizable works in the art world. Several outstanding characteristics make this enigmatic portrait so historically and artistically significant. The most salient of these characteristics is the visage ...

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Comparing Paintings First Leaves, Near Mantes and View of Paris From The Trocadero

In Favor of Corot Jean Baptiste Camille Corot and Berthe Marie Paul Morisot are both familiar names to the art-seeking public. These days, perhaps Morisot is the more familiar; for the past thirty years or so, women artists have gotten a lot of press, although, when one is speaking of 19th ...

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Discobolus and Augustus Of Primaporta Comparison

The Discobolus Of Myron & The Augustus Of Primaporta Greek scholar Bruno Snell, in his Discovery of the Mind: The Greek Origins of European Thought, relates that "man is the measure, and for art the gods are the measure for man and to achieve the ideal is to achieve the god-like" (247). With ...

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Ancient Roman and Egyptian Art & Culture

Ancient Art & Culture: Four Examples It seems true that if one really wishes to understand a culture, one must understand their art. It may seem very difficult to approach, let alone comprehend, cultures that died out thousands of years before ours was ever conceived. However, if such ...

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Temptation of Saint Anthony and Guatemalan Mural Comparison

A wall-mural discovered in Guatemala depicts the Mayan god of corn or regeneration and is thought to be 1900 years old. This piece is thought to be the oldest Mayan painting found to date. A six-foot-wide section of the mural is exposed on one wall of the room, but experts who visited the site ...

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What Is Art?

What Is Art? This question is very difficult to answer, due to the many variables that exist in regard to style, genre, time period and aesthetic considerations. Art, in its simplest terms, is a representation that reflects the artist's subjective reality while at the same time reflecting ...

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Comparing Japanese Artwork "The Old Plum" To Europe's "Woman Bathing"

Comparing Japanese Artwork "The Old Plum" To Europe's "Woman Bathing" INTRODUCTION The purpose of this paper is to introduce, discuss, and analyze two pieces of art from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Specifically, it will analyze a Japanese work of art, "The Old Plum," and ...

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"Holy Trinity" and "The Annunciation" Artwork Comparison

INTRODUCTION The purpose of this paper is to introduce, discuss, and analyze two pieces of art, the "Holy Trinity," Masaccio fresco from Santa Maria Novella, Florence, c. 1428, and "The Annunciation," Merode Altarpiece, by Robert Campin, Flanders, 1425-28. Specifically, it will compare and ...

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Gunther von Hagens' Artworks

The Art of the 'Living Dead': The Scientific and Artistic Process of Plastination Some may view his art works as morbid, others may find his exhibition of plastinated human bodies as downright amusing, even ingenious. Gunther von Hagens, German doctor and creator of plastination, has become ...

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The Work of Larry Bell

The Work of Larry Bell The work of Larry Bell is represented in some detail on his Web Site,[1]where he strives to introduce the vision of his work to those who are unable to view his pieces in "real space." Indeed, Bell himself, in his "flash" introduction to the site is direct in his ...

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Images of the Human Form In Ceramic Art

Images of the Human Form The human body is fascinating subject for a creator and appreciator of the visual arts; to create the human form in accordance to the artist's style and interpretation of the subject greatly alters representation of the human body across cultures, as well as art ...

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The Veduta alla Madonnina

The Veduta alla Madonnina was named after the little fresco of the Madonna at the end of the walkway that is shown in the painting (Magnani, 1986). But even if a viewer of the painting was uninformed of the fact, the artist's perspective of the wide walkway leading down the hill, juxtaposed with ...

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Comparing Animal Vegetable Video and League of Animal Artists

Artistic Portrayal of Animals in Animal Vegetable Video and League of Animal Artists' Artworks Apart from humans, animals are perceived to be one of the hardest and animated living forms that artists want to depict in different media. This goal is achieved by the artists' organization Animal ...

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Matiu Carr's Website and the Barcelona Pavilion

Matiu Carr's Interactive and Barcelona Pavilion Plan Matiu Carr's web site is an interactive site that gives visitors an overview of various art and architectural works that has been produced or that are of interest to Carr. Two interesting links within the site is the Crypt and Barcelona ...

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Art Analysis

In this work, the artist has made use of almost perfect symmetrical balance; indeed, the major element, the large rectangle in the center top of the drawing, is placed so that its forward thrust is balanced by the perspective elements of its side and top. These are not in perspective, however, ...

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The Life and Works of Henri Matisse

Henri Matisse was born in 1869 in the north of France and, as longtime Time magazine critic Robert Hughes has pointed out, Matisse lived from the end of one world to the beginning of another, dying the year the first nuclear device was tested on Bikini toll, 1954. Wrote Hughes, "he lived through ...

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Childe Hassam's Allies Day, May 1917: An Analysis

The painter Childe Hassam, also known as Frederick Childe Hassam (1859-1935), was born in Dorchester, Massachusetts and, through his mother, was related to novelist Nathaniel Hawthorne and through his paternal grandfather, with famous Boston painter William Morris Hunt and the architect Richard ...

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The History Of Street Graffiti

This seven page paper examines the art of graffiti. The author focuses on the history and meaning of street graffiti using the work of one well known graffiti artist to draw from for examples. The work of world renowned graffiti artist Cool Disco Dan will be examined and explored. There were four ...

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The Art Of Dance

Dance Describing "Arts" in a single word, or even a single sentence is not justification enough towards this vast subject. For centuries this subject has taken new formation and theme, but roots back to it's origins showing us the reflection in it's true shape. "Dance" being one of the roots in ...

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Madonna and Child with Angels

Fra Filippo Lippi. Madonna and Child with Angels. Provenance & chronology: 1457-1465. Florence, Italy. Style: Renaissance Iconography: Image of Virgin Mary, the baby Jesus, and two angels Attribution: Some art historians consider that this painting was a gift from Fra Lippi to Giovanni ...

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The Arnolfini Marriage Critique

Art Review and Critique RESEARCH PROJECT Allan Talai. Dear John: "The Arnolfini Marriage" by Jan Van Eyck-it might not be the first exciting event touted by on its website of things to witness in Belgium. But after paying a visit to that city just to look at the home of the ...

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Judy Chicago’s The Dinner Party

Judy Chicago's The Dinner Party While it is expected that singers and actors will change their names, it is much less expected that visual artists will do so. In fact, Judy Chicago did begin her career in the usual way, with her family name. She changed it from Cohen to Gerowitz when she ...

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Masken und die Frage der Identität in Ingmar Bergmans Persona

Masken und die Frage der Identit?t in Ingmar Bergmans Persona Filmanalyse ?bung "Filmanalyse - Cin?philosophie" Mag. Dr. Katharina M?ller WS 2015 Institut f?r Theater-, Film- und Medienwissenschaft Studienkennzahl A 033 580 Universit?t Wien Vorgelegt von Gabriela-Stefani ...

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Plakatstil Poster Art

In creating my poster, "Popcorn", I aimed to combine the influences of Austin Cooper, in his 1924 poster for the London Underground, now on display in the London Underground Museum, and the Plakatstil (Poster Style) works of several European Plakastil pioneers, including Lucian Bernhard (Manoli ...

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Critical Analysis on Fleur Schell's Braille Abacus

Critical Analysis on Fleur Schell's Braille Abacus By Oscar McMath Braille Abacus by Fleur Schell Fleur Schell's "Braille Abacus" art installation is made out of 12 white porcelain bottles slip-casted from a two-piece mould and hanging on a weathered Jarrah frame and metal polls. ...

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