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The Authors Of Mark, Luke, Matthew, And John's Gospel

The author of Mark's gospel is believed to be, by some modern- day scholars, John Mark who lived in Jerusalem and who might have learned about Jesus from the Apostle Peter. Mark's gospel has been agreed upon by scholars to have been written sometime between 65 and 70 C.E., which is thirty-five ...

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God And A Divine Plan?

When I first found out that I was to write a paper on why everything happens for a reason, I thought it would be an easy task. I thought that I believed that everything happened for a reason in life , and I thought I knew why. When I sat down to write my paper, I was complexed, I didn’t know how ...

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The Protestant Reformation marked a time of great religious, social and political upheaval. For the first time in history the Christian church was permanently shattered. The Reformation originated from a trend in returning to the biblical days of Christianity and a renewal of morality. ...

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Religion: Taoism

The early lands of China were the breeding grounds for many religions and philosophies alike. Religions such as Confucianism, Animism, Shintoism, Buddhism and Taoism all started either in China or the Far East (Asia). The religion that I studied was Taoism. Taoism was a philosophy that started in ...

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The Differences Between Judaism And Christianity

The Jewish people are very devoted to their God and seek the meaning of life in their understanding of God. Judaism originated in the land of Israel (also known as Palestine) in the Middle East. The Jews believe that a single, transcendent God created the universe and still governs it, and ...

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Who Was Jesus?

A Humanities Essay That Teaches The Study of The Bible As A Historical Document I felt a very positive impression of who Jesus was after finishing the Book of Matthew. I had a new image of someone who was a down-to-earth, caring individual. I did not find quotes of Jesus that claimed being ...

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Episcopalianism / Anglicanism

It seems probable that "the church" was introduced into the Roman province of Britain by the beginning of the third century, sometime between the years 208 and 240. No one knows how it came to Britain, perhaps across the sea with soldiers. It more probably came with the rich who built homes and ...

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Brief History Of Buddhism

Buddhism is one of the major religions of the world. It was founded by Siddhartha Guatama (Buddha) in Northeastern India. It arose as a monastic movement during a time of Brahman tradition. Buddhism rejected important views of Hinduism. It did not recognize the validity of the Vedic Scriptures, ...

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The Existence Of God

has been argued because there has been no direct proof, but the numbers of people that have faith in God has given the argument for existence some merit. This paper is going to explain Anselm's argument for , criticisms against it, and how he would try to disproof these criticisms. To begin ...

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The Role Of Women In The Church

With the advent of the feminist movement, the role of women in all parts of society has come under increasing scrutiny. One area of recent controversy is the role of women in the Christian Church. Some churches whose traditions and practices are less rigidly tied to Biblical doctrines have begun ...

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Art In The Bible

An abstract look at a renaissance perception of the Bible Table of Contents Part 1 The Painting Part 2 A compalation of abstract ideas Part 3 Components of the picture Part 4 A few thesis statements Part 5 The essay Art in the Bible Many percieve this world as completly dichotomus. For many ...

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Church Of God

I. ORIGIN Most of the Pentecostal churches which bear the name "" can be traced to a holiness revival in the mountains of northwest Georgia and eastern Tennessee. In 1884, R.G. Spurling, a Baptist minister in Monroe County, Tennessee, began to search the Scriptures for answers to the problems ...

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Each year, hundreds of North Americans join one of the increasing, estimated 3000 unorthodox religions that exist across North America. The increasing number of , to date in North America, is due to the fact that are a social movement that attempts to help people cope with their perceived ...

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Islamic Religion

The sometimes seems strange to non-Muslims because it is a religion which impacts every part of life, from eating and sleeping to working and playing. Islam is not only a personal religion, but also a social one. Muslims seek to live in agreement with God’s laws. By doing so, they try to stay ...

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Christian Love And Community

A central principle of a just society is that every person has an equal right to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." Within that framework, an argument for capital punishment can be formulated along the following lines: some acts are so vile and so destructive of community that they ...

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School Prayer Should Be Allowed

I attended twelve years of Catholic School. My parents consented to the decision of my enrollment and they knew what was involved. They knew that the study of God and prayer was mandatory. Prayer in school in my case produced and environment of discipline and respect for the teachers. The ...

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Why Does Man Create Anyway?

It is human nature to question. Sometimes we cannot find answers to the questions we want to know. Therefore, we create something that can fullfil those unanswered questions. Gods and goddesses were an example of this. They were created by man to comfort us with an answer, to satisfy us. They ...

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For over 2000 years has existed as an organized religion. By religion we mean that it has a concept of the profane, the sacred, and approaches to the sacred. It has been established in India, China, Japan and other eastern cultures for almost 2000 years and has gained a strong foothold in North ...

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in the larger sense deals with a common factor which is sin. The definition is a making at on which points to a process of bringing those who are enstranged into a unity(Douglas, 107). It is a theological term which derives from the Anglo-Saxon. The word appears eighty seven times in the Old ...

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The Future Of Religion

The Old Testament, the New Testament, and the Koran are arguably the most influential texts of the past two millennia. The human race has made many advances socially, politically, scientifically, and technologically since the times when these texts originated and these religious texts still have ...

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The New Age Movement

Although is not technically a religion , eight to nine percent of people that do not believe in organized religion find the New Age as their replacement. is very difficult to describe although not impossible. It is a complex sociological phenomenon that can be perceived in many ways. ...

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Taoism And Confucianism

Confucius had one overwhelming message: if we are to achieve a state of orderliness and peace, we need to return to traditional values of virtue. These values are based entirely on one concept: Jen, which is best, translated as "humaneness." This humaneness is a relatively strange concept to ...

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The Journey To New England And Religion's Future

The voyage across the Atlantic was a long and sometimes very dangerous journey. The puritans were set to make a migration to a land were they could practice their religious beliefs in peace. Their migration to this “New England” had a major impact on their religions future. In the beginning of ...

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Separation Of Church And State

Presently in America there are serious concern about issues dealing with the church and the state. The main issue is the within the United States, dealing with predominantly with the First Amendment and how Americans respond to this amendment. Throughout history, there have been many court ...

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American society today believes that ns wordhip the devil and sacrifice people. In as much as they need for this to be true, it is not. ns see as a religion. It is their way of worshiping their god, Nature. One woman in Lousinanna states that people are just afraid of what they do not know. Many ...

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